10th Nov,2021 DAILY ASIC PRICE LIST -- updated daily around 11pm est 10th Nov,2021

sounds great and happy mining :slight_smile:

@OldUncleDutch current list on top


Do you still have the KD Box available?

Hey Master3004 - where are you shipping from? Or do you have an approximate cost for shipping to S19J Pro to Texas?

Hello! Do you dropship to europe?

Everything ships out of China, that’s where all these things are made. I can help you out as well, @Boris_Curcic I can dropship to Europe if you’re looking for a vendor. Unlike every other vendor out there right now I actually have a refund policy in case you get something defective, which does absolutely happen.

georgia . shiped direct from suplier to u tho


I can do a bank transfer it is by far the simplest.


sure can be… but not off of the prices on this list lol


Please send the invoice to brett@livelaughloveart.com The shipping address is as follows:
Live Laugh Love Art
9160 SW Hall Blvd
Portland, Or. 97223

Also I can transfer with-in 4 hours PST business hours when do you think you can get these units out??



You should really use a private message and not put all your info on here…


He is begging for goggle bots and spammers to latch on.

be careful on who and where u post all ur info please/… you can feel free to text me at 706-394-2332

Whatttttt how can I negotiate that deal with my power company :rofl:

is this legit??

seems like it … quality i dont know… but ull be spending more thats for sure lol

Are the L3+ and S19J Pro 104 prices still accurate?

How are duties handled?

I also saw you show some graphs of the overlocked L3. What are you using to monitor that?

Also are you using hive os for the OC?

awesome miner