1166 pros have arrived!.. now what?!

Yes! So, they have arrived! I went big with 4 on my first purchase and now I need to get these things going.

Good news is I have an EV outlet in the garage.

Bad news is I need someone to help verify that this is cool to use with my PDU.

I also need a link to which cable I should be for these machines. Vosk you are the man and very detailed about setting gear up properly so I don’t want to fry anything. Love your content!

Community at large - let me know your feedback please so I can get these bad boys up.

I know, I’m an idiot but I’ll keep everyone posted as I progress.

Consulting fees are not discouraged if you are accurate and fast.

Thank you!


I’m not an electrician. This is why I hired an electrician to give me the 220V outlets that I needed. You should do the same. I spent $2K to get (3) 30Amp 240V outlets in my garage and basement. PDU’s plug right in.

What are you going to do, unplug the ASICs whenever you need to charge the car?

I don’t recommend using an EV charging port to power your miners. The NEC does not distinguish an EV port as a continuous duty device, so unless you know how the electrician wired it I would not risk overloading the outlet. It is common for those circuits to not be considered a continuous duty circuit and cut some corners here. It is a gap in the NEC.

I would add some circuits to the panel since you have the space. It is a good investment. If the circuit is overloaded it can cause the miner power supply to run too hot.

It’s a nema 10-30 plug which is a commonly used 3 pin dryer plug. It has 2 hot wires one on the left and one on the right and a common wire in the center going back to the breaker panel. No ground is on the circuit so you will need to add a ground.

What I have done is taken a dryer cord with the 10-30 plug run it into a junction box then run Romex with a l6-30 plug so the pdu can plug into it.

Thank you all. An electrician switched out the nema 10-30 for the correct l6-30p yesterday.

I have this PDU: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007YG85A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Which should be all good from the description in the voskcoin video on setting up the farm. The electrician questioned it though because this PDU has 12A outlets and the sticker on the 1166 says 12.9. He said worst case scenario is the PDU outlet fails and the machine is not harmed.

Just thought I’d ask if I needed a different PDU in your opinion.

Power cables for the machines are up to 15A so they should be fine, for anyone reading this in the future I bought these from Cables.com.

Let me know any thoughts you all have on the PDU 12A vs machine sticker that says 12.9. Thank you!

Check the voltage for the 12.9 amps if it’s for a 110v supply that will half to 6.45amps for a 240v supply

The voltage lists 200 to 285. Weird?

this is all covered in the VoskCoin mining farm electricity guide video

Not really weird as voltage fluctuates standard us outlet can range between 100-120 volts it all depends on what’s connected the power factor etc…

Thank you!

Thank you. That was EXACTLY what I needed.

Can you swing an answer or reference video this seriously dumb question that I have here?