A10 500Mh in the last 2 days ar TERRIBLE

I put myself wrong: I mine at f2pool with the A10 500Mh but for 2 days it has been mining on the side with 280-320Mh. Does it have something to do with the changeover and on? For me it shows 480Mh and on f2pool 320Mh. Now I don’t know where the problem is. Can you help me?

my hashrate is 408 in the last 24 hours with my A10 500.

Thank you very much for your answer, but I don’t understand the reason besides 400Mh is good! My A10 is currently making 300MH not profitable for me :sob:

as you can see it is dropping since 17-10.

But why is it falling so hard! Is it because of the changeover?

Yours seems very unstable , did you try another pool ?

Can you recommend one to me? Very nice thank you, there are many but I want one where someone already has experience :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is another pool.Nice :grinning:

I had the same. F2Pool confirmed the issue is on the side of Innosilicon. They are working on a fix. What pool are you mining on now?

Sure, Innosilicon is to blame I think the mistake is
f2pool. The difference is $7- $8 a day. That’s a lot of money.

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Not sure indeed. But for sure they will fix it soon. Otherwise everyone will leave them :’)

Please let me know if you have found the error. Software or something thank you

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That’s unbelievable! We waited 4 months for the A10 and paid in advance. Now we have to pay another € 1095 for an update. @ VoskCoin what do you say about it

I’ll suggest to switch mining ETC. Since the dag size of etc will be lowered :slight_smile:

Lets see this through. ive updated ecip1043 to reset the dag cache size to epoch 64(1.5gb). This was when hobby miners saved ETC from its enemies from inception. all hands on deck

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They released a firmware update for the A10 5G

My contact from Innosilicon gave me this update last night. Shes the head of sales, this is coming directly from them.

That means that all A 10 500 Mh 4G need new hardware?

No its a firmware upgrade for the A10 pro.


4GB GPU’s and Asics will stop mining ETH in Dec. ! You either need the 5GB hardware upgrade to continue for another 2 years or switch to other coins like Expanse. ETC will lower its DAG on Nov. 28th, after that date you could switch to ETC mining. No fault here on F2Pools part. Until Dec. you will experience a drop of your hashrate until it will stop mining completely. If you have a chance to upgrade to 5GB, then I would do it.

I got this from an Innosilicon Support
Thanks for your email. I can fully understand your concern, but sorry that this upgrade stopped yesterday, our factory no longer provide the upgrade now.

You can order DDR from us and upgrade by your side if you know someone who understands repair of miners. Your understanding would be much appreciated.