AKMiner.com | Legitimate deal? or Scam?


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I found this deal of AKMiner.com, and I would like to hear your voices about if this would be a potential scam or not.
How were people’s experiences with this retailer?

You can search by the name to see prior threads like this one - My experience with AKminer.com

I had a good experience with them, bought a LT5 Pro, working well and no issues. only problem I really had was it seemed like shipping time took forever (4 weeks to receive from date the label was printed at DHL) but that wasn’t really their problem as I know Goldshell and others have had the same issue.

ive seen them around for a while… lots of Min order Quantinty… … does alot on Telegram or whatever

and by that i mean 50’s 100s + min order ammount… go get the link for their T.me they have tons of vids etc … prices are HIGHER then what i pay… so i never delt with em… still got the pics from back then lol

Legit, its one of the most trusted sellers!

Just never order from Joyson from AKMiner, biggest SCAM I ever had.
-He let me wait 10 months before sending a Maschine….

  • he sent a 8400 MH Model as replacement of the 9500 MH Model he couldn’t deliver after having my 20k $ for a year
  • and he shipped a DEFECTIVE Miner
  • he also refuses to give support or refund the order
  • he said „ask Bitmain for support“ and on the website it say clearly „the RESELLER is responsible…“

Joyson AKMiner = Biggest SCAM

I’m in a slightly similar position with the asic I purchased. After paying for a l7 9.16 and waiting for a considerable time, I noticed I was sent a l7 8800m. Needless to say I am less than happy, but wish to give the supplier a chance to resolve it. I’ve contacted the supplier a number of times since Jun 14 and have simply been told they are waiting on the agent, then the manufacturer to deal with it. I don’t wish to name names as I would hope they deal with it in a reasonable timely manner and I have always believed the mark of a good company is one who is able to deal with things when they go wrong.

So I will leave it until mid Jul in hope they will resolve this. The contract I had was with this supplier and not anyone else. If they don’t resolve it then I will have no choice but to inform users on different forums who the are and the fact l have been stitched up with a lesser performing asic than they were under contract to supply me. I hope it’s not the case that they were the ones to purposely ship the incorrect model.

I sincerely hope they resolve it and am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I also got also scammed by Joyson from AKMiner.

I lost over 25 000 $ in Bitcoin. -.-’

Biggest mistake of my life = AKMiner

I ordered kd6 in March for July delivery. I emailed Joyson 27th of June for delivery date He sent me dhl tracking information. Delivered on the 29th. Of June.
Thanks Joyson
I also ordered a kd6 from Bigskyasics March 29th for May delivery I have not received it yet. Aaron has no delivery estimate. Still waiting.
I lost half my money before I even received miner. Not one of my better investments.

Akminer is legit. Joyson has always been helpful.