AKMiner Scam? Experiences

Hi Has anyone had experience with AKminer.com
Thanks in advance

I believe they’re a scam from what I have heard, but I have never dealt with them directly.

I’ve got an order in . I’ll let you know

Hi Pod, how is your order going with akminer?

It’s an august batch so hopefully I’ll update in September

So its September Pod, have you heard anything, or is AKminer a scam. I am looking to buy from them also. They are on asicminersvalue.com site as a trusted site to buy asic miners. Have you been scammed???

I also bought from him. Stock, and November batch. Hopefully not a scam.

Joyson Hu is @akminer on Telegram. He posts WTS ads on the “Hardware Market Verified Listings” channel here: Telegram: Contact @Hardwaremarketchannel

AKminer has their own channel here: Telegram: Contact @akminerrack

Watch Telegram usernames and other info very closely. Scammers often have names very similar to legit users and everything else about their details is identical. Should take whatever steps you can to verify you’re shipping to or paying the right person.