Antminer Bitmain L7 Delay

Does anyone have any information about the delivery of the L7 miners? I’m still waiting for the November batch, but no one seems to care about giving any info or delivery estimate date.

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I have a tracking for the November batch. Received it about 2 days ago. That was a direct Bitmain purchase,
I have a few more on order with a reseller and he’s claiming I should have them by the end of February.
Just an FYI, the 9.50 batch is actually 9.05. The 9.16 will hash as advertised. I’ll update if I hear anything further. :v:t3:

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Hey Robert,
Did you order the 9.5 version or the 9.16?

Tracking mine through my shipping provider and it’s supposed to arrive today. Hopefully no more delays.

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Great! Would you mind sharing couple of photos of your beast coming in today? lol

Sure. If it shows up today I’ll post a pic, but as of right now it doesn’t say out for delivery so we will see.

Can you make an onlyfans for the L7 lol

Ordered both CMNV, the 9.50 early batch came with a message of only hashing at 9.05 and will I accept those that were ordered. I contacted all involved and they agreed to take them. I was promised the 9.16 wouldn’t be far behind and would hash as advertised!! Will definitely share photos when I get my own up and running. :v:t3:


Flight was delayed per my shipping provider so no delivery, but I will post a pic when it arrives. Hopefully in the next day or so.

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In future would you ever recommend a small fry like myself making say a $25,000 order (for example 2 X L7’s) buying directly from Bitmain? or is even big quantity buyers getting this delay? Thanks

From following different mediums and threads pertaining to the L7, I would venture to say all parties were affected by the L7 delay from Bitmain.

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Still waiting to see actual validation that anyone has them delivered. Some say they have but no proof

WOW! Congrats! That beast is a beauty lol


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HAHAHAHAHHAA>… SURE ENOUGH IS … NOW THATS LAME… i sure as hell see it on the label…

and SURE looks like a s19

my asic

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Why do you say it’s photoshopped?

Well, wish that tariff I just paid was photoshopped.

damn fake ass shit… look at the l7 label and zoom in … get the fuk outa here and i would know about l7’s shipping since i have about 11 on order… but who knows… i could be wrong… not really

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What? I’ve seen others with L7 machine that look exactly the same as this one. Anyway, congrats man I’m waiting on my L7 december batch. can’t wait to hug it lol

jsut zoon in on the label… u can see its shopped

hope im wrong tho

but im usually NOT

HOW ABOUT show the asic interface of it hashing. or the actual serial number

i can look it up and verify it lol