Antminer Distribution USA Legit?

My dad has been sending me links to different ASIC miners and the other day sent me one from Antminer Distribution USA for one of the Antminer S19 XP (140TH/s).

Here is the link -

Anyone do business with them yet?

looks like a scam

Are the XP’s even out yet? Saw another site list the release date at July 2022.

@jamescaseydc you are correct, not out yet

It’s a scam website. Called the phone number, it’s a dud. Also the address is fake. Their social media links are bogus as well. The website itself appeared fake at first glance but that’s just speaking from experience


Figured as much. Appreciate the insight! We have been looking at Miners Deals website but wanted to check other sources and as always if something bigger/newer/better is developed look into it before pulling trigger. The Miners Deals guy, Guy, has been really quick and straightforward in his email responses so we will likely purchase one or two from them to see how easily it goes and then do a larger purchase once we have firsthand evidence it’s legit. Saw several other posts listing them as a viable source.

S19 XP’s are released, Got bought up by the Chinese. If you want to preorder one you can order on my website Bitmain Antminer S19XP 140TH/s. Very few vendors have them because its been released for only a week or two now. First batch ships in July.

Thanks for the tip! I was actually looking through your site already!

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