Antminer K5 not working after 2 hours

Hello, I received the K5 but it does not work properly.Mine via NiceHash but the miner stops mining after 1 or 2 hours.Now I do not know whether the K5 is broken or it is the fault at NiceHash.What should I do ?

is it maybe overheating and shutting off when it reaches max temp?

can you post a screenshot of your mining config in the miner and also a screenshot of the mining status page all from within the Bitmain Antminer K5 firmware?

whats the temp look like when it gets running for an hour and half?

First of all, I would suggest 3 different ports. 443 is usually a good alternative. Also, something should be used for a password. It can be “anything” but it should be something.

nicehash will work with the password field blank

I won’t even mention that name. Try viabtc.

the problem is not the password. He mine 15 min and stop. I have to start it again and do the same again. It can’t be the temperature. What is the normal temperature? I posted a picture showing the temperature

the temp was normal in the picture but it said the miner had not been running 20 minutes yet I think all Bitmain stuff shuts off at 85 degrees Celsius you were at 70 after 20 minutes i think that is kinda hot but I am not familiar with that miner so I could be way off

Also can I suggest an edit to your title? It is not clear that you have an issue with a new miner. The current title sounds like you got a miner that did not belong to you. I am assuming English is not your first language. Maybe change it to “Antminer K5 not working after 2 hours”. This could get more attention to your topic or it could help someone with an answer find your question.

yes it’s true english is not my subject :slight_smile: But to the miner, can it be that it is a pool problem? Can anyone try it out if the problem is with NiceHash? thank you for your patience

You could always try Cudo Miner or a mining pool (F2Pool) to see if the problem continues. This way you will at least know if the problem stems from NiceHash or the K5 miner.

agreed, just try mining on f2pool to see if its stable. I dont have any major stability issues with the bitmain antminer k5

My bitmain antminer k5 has also been mining in a stagnant garage with 97f air in it

Also @MASSI good news, @NiceHash actually just joined our voskcointalk. We have verified this is an official account. You could seek support in their official thread here.

Okay, so, the idea of multiple pool options is to have runover when a pool is failing. Sure, try f2pool. That one can be trusted as well.

I’m having the same problem wiith K5 and NiceHash. It shuts down after 2 hours or so. Prior to that I mined for more than 48 hours on Hashpool with no issues.

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there u go changing the title got you some real help! woohoo lol

Should be noted that it is possible your miner simply looks as though it is not hashing correctly. Though it very well may be. Honestly surprised to see a nicehash rep and have a million questions. Would start with where the revenue went from user generated btc addresses. Next I will fully expect to see minergate and honeyminer come back too.