Antminer K7 release spells DOOM for me?

I need help try to figure out exactly what this release means for me a CK6 owner. To be honest I turned it off go a while even though it was still slightly profitable for me. I turned it back on because of the K7 news. Does this mean when they drop my Ck6 will be a paperweight? I’m very far from even so o was wondering what my play should be here? Thx for any light you can shed on this situation!!

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Sell it now. The hashrate will go crazy up, and theirs are 3.3 times more efficient that gold shell. Or just hold the miner to the bull run in hopes it will be profitable and or sell at a higher price.


As usual, @Krisz is spot on

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Put the ck6 on a shelf as a trophy. Pickup a k7 dropping in less than 12 hours and confine mining when it arrives late December. It supposedly profits $20/daily so at $4000 it’s really not a bad deal. It’s like buying an L7 for $4000 instead of $10,000

So break even is 200 days out? Does the daily amount include power cost?

I think it takes into account an electric rate of .10 cents

hi guys.i hate to bring doom and gloom but i have to be more than truthful here and say as residential miners our options are extremely bleak if not pointless now for most of us anyways. bitmain have dropped the nuclear bomb with thier latest batch of miners making most other miners of goldshell and the like virtually useless and redundant.with their massive increases in efficiency and hashrate the only way for others to compete is to top bitmains efficiency and hashrates again and the arms race becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as difficulty rates skyrocket making all other miners even much less profitable than they are now. add to that the spiraling world economic situation,interest rates and energy prices skyrocketing things are looking bleak for us as residential miners.
i dont believe bitmain have played a smart game here either.the smart move would have been to do a slow bleed on the market inching their hashrates higher slowly over the competition would of generated far more business for them over a longer period.this is a sad day for all of us but ignoring the facts wont make things any better.and here in australia our energy prices have blown out staggeringly at about 35c/kw right now and more hikes to come. if you have a good source of cheap or free power then power on friends and i wish you sucess as i sit here staring at my 11 box miners of which only 2 are still on and 9 that will never be profitable again.but its been a truck load of fun and enjoyment chasing the coin and i havent given up on mining completely yet.
cheers brothers and the best of luck to you all

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I’m not sure how much your box miners make per kw but have you thought about time of use plans? For example energy Australia offer 10c between 9.30-2.30pm, 41c between 2.30pm 12.30am, 22c 12.30-5.30 and then 41c 5.30-9.30 or there’s another plan that’s the same but the 10c and 22c are both 15c. I am moving most of my miners into a shipping container on my farm for 40kw solar and 30kw battery backup but In winter I am going to keep my bluestar L1 to heat my home on the low power mode which is 850w/2000mh scrypt mining (nearly $10 a day) I have a Tesla power wall on my house and excluding solar if I charge my battery on the 10c/22c rates and my house uses 1.2kw all day then my total price per kw will be 13c so that’s way better than our normal rates especially when the bluestar will cover the whole bill plus make extra. You could buy a cheaper brand LIFEPO4 battery like Greenbanks and buy just a 7.5kw house battery and do the same except don’t run your miners 24/7 just your house needs at the 41c slots on battery. Green Bank 10KWH LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 48V 200AH XMJ This is 10kw but only 7.5kw useable battery. Might be worth talking to an electrician about. Good luck

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Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it! Yesterday for reasons I couldn’t find out yet my profits went negative yesterday. I guess some of those K7 are online already? Damn I can’t sell it now. I paid a lot for it so I guess I’ll spend down and hope for better times later. DAMN!!!

bravo are very much across all of this.youve given me food for thought and i will do a bit of homework here.but sadly my quaint little box mining array even with reduced power costs will most likely still remain in the red as box miners are sadly the least efficient of all the miners available.i was aware of this when i went down this road as they seemed the easiest to manage power and noise wise but i was certainly unprepared for the proliferation of these new gen miners which were so much more bang for the buck efficency wise. i paid a premium at a time when the market was hot but was more than prepared to keep chipping away and hodling as i went .but what really did blow me out of the running has been the proliferation of the bitmain miners which on average are at least 400% more efficient power wise. i did not see that coming.but as i did say cheap or free power means any machine can still be profitable,but this arms race between bitmain and the free world will i believe end in mutual destruction.we have accumulated enough coins to hopefully at least get square on our outlay in the next bull run fingers crossed.but i have leaned so much in the last 12 months.i think your on a winner with your setup and hope you make a motza.but after i just got my head around the ka3 coming out they dropped another nuke very recently with the k7.thats 65 of my little itty bitty ckboxes .eeek !.
anyway i look forward to hearing how you go and ill be rooting for ya.