Anyone else lose Chinese pools?

All my machines dropped F2Pool and won’t run dxpool for ckb and Bitcoin. Running slush pool and 2miners now. Did something happen in China or just maintenance? Seems weird

There is all kinds of notice that F2Pool is closing… even on their website.


I have seen that. Just thought it’s strange it can’t get on dxpool website or viabtc. Maybe they are down for good. Haven’t been at this very long just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I was doing wrong or if it was just a normal outage for maintenance or something. Figured they would just move operations out of the country and keep operating when it was time. Still learning I guess

I’m having issues getting to Poolflare as well.
Edit: sorry, my url had a typo. Poolflare is up. But I have HNS and LBC miners on Dxpool so I guess I better move them elsewhere. I liked F2Pool too. I hope they get them back up outside of China eventually.

f2pool’s app was acting all jangly too. The website was fine when I checked. It never affected my hashrate (Minidoges). They were quick to patch the hiccup on the app.

DXPool is working, but on its .net address. So My ck box never stopped mining, I just had to log back in under the .net page to view everything


Poolflare still isn’t loading in my browser…

Can you share the link to the page that’s working for you?

You have to change your url from .com to .net.


just came back home from a week of work and checked my miners.
found it strange to see a hashrate graph smoth like this:

It is the same picture with all my miners I have running on Dxpool.
Thought there is something wrong and began to restart them. first the HS box.
but after restart it does not want to reconnect to the pool.

so I asked google and the very first result was a video of this guy explaining that the cinese government attaced the cinese pools.

at this moment I have only the minidoge on F2pool. that one seems to run normal.

Did you get them working? All the info on getting them back hashing is in this thread.

What really REALLY REALLY PISSED ME OFF about F2Pool was the fact that they saw all this China crypto mining crackdown and did NOTHING UNTILL THE VERY END!!! Not only that, but their response was like ups sorry, here are some settings, see if it works!
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Meanwhile I spoke with fellow miners that are on Slush Pool and they said that they where not affected by it due to Braiins taking actions early on and not having Chinese based DNS servers. So starting Monday I will be mining with Slush Pool instead, hopefully the Mining Ops at Compass can accommodate that request.

This attack has effected the shipment of miners too. My suppliers can’t test them if the pools all shut down, and we’re not shipping out miners without first guaranteeing they’re functional. Their actions effect a lot more people than they realize. I think it’s that they just don’t care as it doesn’t effect them one way or the other.

Like I stated above, you can test the miners with Slush Pool, they where not affected by Chinas commands ordering Alibaba to shutdown all DNS services that where used by Mining Pools, this is what all this debacle came from. I can tell that Slush Pool cares and look out after the mining community.

For viabtc change the com to top in the url they sent an email out about this.

I can confirm that going to

look at the bottom and the new Stratum is posted now


this will now work

@JoeJoe yes, the necessary info was also in the video.

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I do not have problems with f2pool. It is still mining ltc + doge.

My Mini-DOGE was not affected by China’s purge, however my S19j Pro was severely affected by it. That is the reason why I moved my S19j Pro to Slush Pool, and as a future precaution I also moved my Goldshell Mini-DOGE to Litecoinpool.

So far on Litecoinpool I’ve been getting Ł 0.01 LTC, and even Ł 0.02 LTC per day, So I see getting a bit more on there. It is a challegenge to set it up on Litecoinpool as it won’t connect unless you have a backup pool.

How do I use poolflare for KDA?

Do you use the k: when sending to zelcore?

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