Anyone purchased from East Coast Mining?

Looking to pull the trigger on an L7 and dont want my hard earned money to dissapear.

Has anyone dealt with or heard of East Coast Mining?

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More than likely a scam

Never heard of them buddy

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Same here. Never heard of them before.

Y’all need to at least do some research before just asserting “scam”

I get that Trust Pilot reviews can be faked. I just call it out as a source of info that can be used as a data point to paint an overall picture of a scam, or not

Company also has a presence on LinkedIn, as do the principals. If you do some digging, you can come up with residential addresses, phone numbers etc.

You can also pay ECM via a domestic wire transfer, which means that they have a bank account and had to go through their bank’s KYC process.

This does not mean it isn’t a scam. But scammers tend to prefer a less public profile. If they are scammers, they deserve to be outed and get whatever is coming to them. But otherwise, refrain from crapping on a new business simply because you haven’t heard of it. At one time, Microsoft was just a couple of guys in a college dorm room.

And just to be clear, I have zero affiliation with the ECM or either of the two principals. I just hate seeing startups being slammed out of the gates based on hearsay.

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Looks like we maybe found a volunteer to place a “test” order with this “company”.
I have to admit - my quick research ended once I realized that their business address doesn’t match with an actual Google maps view and showing a different (and currently active) business at that location - a real estate office. Please let us know how it goes (if you are actually plan to purchase from them :wink: )

Nice write up, it can be tough to ensure if a company in this industry is a scam or not. Knowing how many people get scammed out of their hard earned money is unfortunate.

To the OP, I suggest to just stick with the companies @VoskCoin approves, I’m sure before he partners with a company or lists them himself he does his homework. All @VoskCoin really has is his reputation and I doubt he wants to risk it.

Volunteer? Sure. I’ll volunteer your money. Let me know when you’re ready. Assuming the ASIC arrives, I’ll let it hash for a month or two in my garage to break it in for you (and wouldn’t even charge you for electricity) I’d then even ship it to your place at my cost. I know, I know . . . I’m just naturally generous :wink:

Like I did say, it could be a scam, it just doesn’t appear to be at first blush. And if so, the owners are easily tracked by law enforcement. Then again, I get it . . . who’d want to deal with that crap?

I just don’t like people saying “scam” without either having had a bad experience or otherwise knowing that something is off (spidey sense is tingling off the charts), or the signs are so obvious.

And fwiw, suite #2 appears to be the door on the side of the building towards the back since it’s unlikely that suite #2 would be the main door facing the street (which is a real estate agency).

Well this company has came up before. And vosk has done and said the same thing. Scam. So thats what I’m going with. If they aren’t great but I trust vosk and his word.

Zilina is right, they have all the official credentials and are likely to be legit. However the address being a strip mall is suspicious and the fact that the owners didn’t bother to spend the grand total 1 hour to just integrate credit card payments and paypal (which require you to go through verification process) is also suspicious. If a company does not offer Credit cards for a payment method and only offers more obscure methods, like Crypto, Bank-To-Bank transfers, Checks, and Wire transfers. as stated, then if it’s not a scam, then its just some fly by night company that you don’t really want to deal with anyhow.

So they are located about 45 mins from me. I ordered a L3+ from them and it’s en- route.

They communicated very quickly and professionally. I was sent an invoice prior to payment and could pay traditional or via crypto. I was also sent a receipt and was kept in the loop for shipping.

I will update once I receive the miner (I did receive tracking). Assuming it continues as it has, I will only deal with them in the future.


I just sent them three hash boards for repair with no worries at all. They are very active on Discord and very well known on the Antminer Repair channel. They help many people out without trying to make a quick buck. If you reach out to them, they will contact you back every time and a lot quicker than most. Calling them a scam website is far fetched, especially if you’ve never dealt with them before.

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I just purchased an S19j Pro from ECM and received it as expected, new and within two weeks. They helped me along the way with all my newbie questions as well. Will purchase from them again. My FedEx tracking number should still be online to see the shipping and delivery 283783216837.
Here’s a pic of the box with label:

A quick edit: I jumped in with a quick referral because of my own experience with East Coast Mining but then I started reading through the thread and realized that before I did all that I did in due diligence, I felt much the same way as some of the posters. I was scared to death to wire that money. But the fact is that my own experience is that ECM was a good as I could have asked for.


We have a list of our company social profiles, and incorporation details, in case someone finds it useful (Also not to get scammed by pretenders.)
Here it is: ECM · GitHub

Also, regarding our address, Google Maps does not showcase Suite #2, only Suite #1, which is the real estate office. I’ve taken some pictures of our office (ignore the mess, still moving in from our old one).

Also, we are available to FaceTime, Zoom, or call us to anytime between 9am and 9pm.


Nice office!

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Purchased a L3+ from ECM. Received it today (picked up in person). When received, they checked it to confirm everything works and no viruses, they cleaned it (ultrasound) and put new fans on the unit. Honestly, looks brand new. Also received a brand new Bitmain PSU (was expecting used). Either way, A+ seller. Will now purchase only from them from here forward.


Good to know, I’ll keep them in my radar when I buy some miners during the bear market.

That L3+ looks stunning and clean and sexy! I wonder if they are loud for hosting and running from home alongside my Mini Doge.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I also received my ASIC from ECM yesterday, a GS KD5. I’m still running some electrical in my garage that took longer than expected (finished late last night) but I hope to fire it up tonight and get it hashing.

I can post pics later tonight if anyone wants some evidence, or just DM me. But the shipping box was in good shape (shipped Fedex) and the KD5 appears pristine. So I’m 1:1 with ECM - assuming the KD5 fires up and hashes - with another ASIC on order (Nov batch)

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They aren’t quiet. I had a S9 and the L3+ is definitely not as loud. I really like the idea of the mini doge but my issue is the price of it versus the L3+. When I get back to my office, I’ll post my current rates etc. I’m using Hiveos and F2Pool and it’s a submersed set up. The one I grabbed from ECM will run a different fan set up. Trying to test things out for noise, temp (miner and environment) and see what works best.

Sent an email to @eastcoastmining, trying to order their 110’s to be shipped here in the Philippines.

Their sales rep replied to me that they can deliver.

Still waiting for Bitmain’s real name authentication process and it’s taking time. The only available from their page right now is the 104’s…