Are You Interested in a VoskCoin Edition Evergreen Miner Chia XCH Farmer?

Lookin sharp! everorange miners

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Nope too expensive for what they produce.


Working with Evergreen Miner to release a higher level of compression on a special collaboration HDD miner, the rig has been sent back to the lab again but the results are looking promising…


How much storage are you planning for your farming shed?

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UPDATE WOW WE DID IT!! VoskCoin Chia XCH Farmer!

VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner with 25% compression!

Introducing the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner
Watch the video review here!


Let’s go!!! This looks incredible!

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nicely done on the article @Brynn_B

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Evergreen Miner developer interview Dylan Rose

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