Are You Interested in a VoskCoin Edition Evergreen Miner Chia XCH Farmer?

Lookin sharp! everorange miners

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Nope too expensive for what they produce.


Working with Evergreen Miner to release a higher level of compression on a special collaboration HDD miner, the rig has been sent back to the lab again but the results are looking promising…


How much storage are you planning for your farming shed?

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UPDATE WOW WE DID IT!! VoskCoin Chia XCH Farmer!

VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner with 25% compression!

Introducing the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner
Watch the video review here!


Let’s go!!! This looks incredible!

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nicely done on the article @Brynn_B

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Evergreen Miner developer interview Dylan Rose

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Thanks for all the support with the tails edition, our most ambitious project with a new board, higher compression and a ton of upgrades!

We started shipping this week and have been diligently testing. Were picking up the pace this week and should still we around the 4 week timeline. Most drives are plotted and ready to go, we are primarily focused on quality testing each PSU v2 this week.

Feel free to reach out on Discord or on our site for an update on your order.


Last call to order the VoskCoin x Evergreen Tails Edition plug and play hard drive miner, revised “lite” edition, featuring the lowest price per TB yet! Orders close 02/29 or before, grab yours here, and save some coin, with code VOSKCOIN - VoskCoin Tails Edition Lite – Evergreen