Are You Interested in a VoskCoin Edition Evergreen Miner Chia XCH Farmer?

How about a VoskCoin plug and play CHIA farmer?!

UPDATE WOW WE DID IT!! VoskCoin Chia XCH Farmer!

VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner with 25% compression!

Introducing the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner
Watch the video review here!

Evergreen Miner makes plug and play Chia farmers, basically HDD mining rigs! I’ve been really happy with my Evergreen miners so far… VoskCoin has approached them to do a limited edition release, it is on the table! The question we have is, are you interested in this, and which design interests you the most?!

Reply with your interest or lack of, which units you’d want, and how many?

For example, I am interested in 2x starter kit pros in black/green or orange Tails edition

If you want to just grab a normal Evergreenminer, support the channel and save some money with code VOSKCOIN

Key Notes on the potential VoskCoin Evergreen Miner

  • All or the majority of these miners would be produced, before sold – basically buy it and it’ll ship
  • If significant interest is shown in March, April production planned, targeting shipping in May
  • Really need to gauge honest interest to target a production number
  • These will not be any more expensive than their normal miners

There are some really exciting potential physical and digital collectibles possible with a VoskCoin limited edition evergreen miner release… but that’s TBD

VoskCoin Edition vs Tails Edition the two design directions…

Well, Evergreen miner and Chia basically use VoskCoin green lol so a green miner doesn’t make much sense here. So two things come to mind, creating a VoskCoin limited edition Evergreen Miner that is a black case, with green accents/highlights, affixing a green VoskCoin logo to it etc OR an orange Tails edition! I think one design looks cool, the other design is more fun.
Limited Edition VoskCoin Evergreen Miner

Limited Edition Evergreen Miner VoskCoin Tails Edition

Alexa Miss Vosk votes for using the OG VoskCoin logo teal color, like this

I thought this VoskCoin miner render was really cool, but not possible without a new injection mold…

Check out the full video tutorial on how to set up a Chia XCH farmer using an Evergreen miner!

Vote on this poll to help decide which VoskCoin miner design we use!

  • Black with green highlights VoskCoin styling
  • Orange Tails edition
  • Teal OG VoskCoin color
  • Black
  • Replying in this thread w/ another suggestion!

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We could of course do a different color/direction/design, I am all ears in this thread!


Purple? My wife’s favorite color.
Easier to buy with wife’s approval…


Yes I am, color don’t matter and as many as I can get
2x starter kit pros Tails edition


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I am interested in 2x Orange Tails Edition starter 64TB, but any color/style would suffice. I am looking to find new passive income with low maintenance cost.


I would definitely get one.

I just ordered the starter set with your discount code…

If you do offer the alternate colors would i be able to cancel if its not shipped by then?


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I am interested in the expansion bundle plus. I recently order a starter kit and I’m wanting to expand my hard drive space. I would purchase one of the 64TB expansion packs. As far as the different editions I really like the voskcoin noir edition and voskcoin edition. Chia address is listed below:


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I would get a vosk coin starter kit pro and then add some different colored ones in the future! They look great!



Wow the black and green scheme is so striking!

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Definitely interested, starter kit is great, but if you could get different colour cases for the drives, so you could actually make a low Rez image out of the 30 drives in the stack.

I would include my number, but my kit is 3 weeks late, after my 4 week shipping estimate.

Chomping at the bit to get started.


I’d be interested in a discounted expansion. Call them “Tails” with the logic of more Tails more coins.


That black version looks amazing!

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Id love a vosk coin evergreen miner but would like to see in a dark blue

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I personally love the black look, and that green will match up with my first order. But I like the other two colors too. I could easily see people taking any of those 3 over the current bright green color they currently have. I would get either a expansion pack or a starter kit.

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Yes, I’m good with green and/or Tail’s fur color. I’d be going for the Starter Kit Pro. If you get it made, and the price is around the same within $100 USD, then I’ll buy it.

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Hell yea I’d be in! 10TB is my comfortability level of investment. Vosk with logo!!!


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I would be interested in expansion bundle, plus in the black and green since I already ordered a starter kitxch18t0v30sg2vk77ekenncgs6ahqj9m0sf293k9hhcz4vv2zvd6rtusxslsmq

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Hell yeah VOSK. The hoggish part of me says 1 hub and 30 drives but I would settle for anything free. Well almost anything. I would give an address but I don’t own any coins. Hopefully that could change.

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The tails one looks the best IMO. It’s the one I would buy.

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poll added to OP!


I ordered a starter pack, still waiting on it to ship. Would love to have 2 kit pros!! No XCH wallet address just yet. What’s the best exchange to use?