They're GIVING AWAY YOUR PRIVATE KEYS?! Insane Crypto News

Here’s the latest INSANE cryptocurrency and bitcoin news today, and you will not believe who is giving all of your information and even PRIVATE KEYS away… but there’s even more news than that to unpack. Earn easy passive income mining with this miner - Evergreen

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00:00 Crazy cryptocurrency news!
00:20 Linea airdrop & Layer 2 updates
02:31 Layer Zero and ZK Sync airdrop updates
03:02 Bitcoin 2023 trolled by Pepe
03:24 Tether beginning a journey into BTC mining
03:47 Gemini Earn updates and lawsuits
05:08 NFT trading at lowest point since 2021
05:38 XCAD sponsor
08:37 Ledger private keys controversy
10:32 Brian Armstrong calls out the US Government
13:00 Bitcoin Mining market roundup
14:04 VoskCoin cryptocurrency news

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They’re GIVING AWAY YOUR PRIVATE KEYS?! Insane Crypto News


Great. Thank goodnes I have nothing on my ledger rn :wink:

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