PEPE COIN! Everything You NEED To Know!

A new meme coin called Pepe coin has made some cryptocurrency investors a 32,000x return already, $pepe has the simple goal of making memecoins great again, and this memecoin is indeed making some crypto users rich, but what is it and is it too late to buy Pepe Coin?! I am buying this miner before pepecoin - Evergreen

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Pepe coin started out as a joke, and well it still is but so was Dogecoin and Shiba Inu SHIB and even Floki Inu but now this meme coin has amassed a market cap in the millions of dollars leaving some wondering is pepe coin the next big meme coin is is $pepe the next big pump and dump cryptocurrency… let’s review pepe coin and here’s everything you need to know about the pepe token.

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00:00 32,000X returns on a new memecoin?!
01:13 Making millions with sh*tcoins!
02:55 What is the Pepecoin?
05:51 On-chain analysis of Pepe
07:29 Should you buy $PEPE?

Title inspired by Coin Bureau clips - PEPE COIN!! Everything You NEED To Know!! - YouTube

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PEPE COIN! Everything You NEED To Know! VoskCoin Pepecoin


Lol. memecoins never get old