ASIC Mining in the Texas Heat- HELP!

Need some help and opinions please.

I’m setting up a shed to mine in. Here’s the stats.

8- S19J Pro 104th’s
2- L7’s
5- KD Boxes
3- Mini Doge boxes.

Ive finally got the power figured out almost on all of this mess, now I’m concerned with the heat.

I’ve got a 12 x 35 foot shed. I have a 9000 BTU Mini Split above the miners, and a 30" 1/2 hp exhaust fan at the other end of the shed pulling air out.

With only 7 of the 10 ASICS running, I’m pushing 103 Degrees on the intake side and 110 degrees on the exhaust side of the miners in the afternoons.

Question is… Is this too hot? If so, how do I reduce heat in this damn building. See photos below and please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.


Well to start the small ac unit or any is useless waste of power I’d spread them apart I’d move closer to exhaust fan to get heat out and that looks bigger then a shed u have a car in there so figure u need to exhaust all the air in there in my figure we’ll under a min then replace with more air then you are exhausting and I live in Tuscon az in a desert might want to insulate

I’m not sure I’d stack miner on top of each other’s

Do you know how many CFM your exhaust fan produces?

I suggest creating separate hot area for all miner exhaust so it’s not heating up the rest of the air. Build a floor to ceiling wall. Cut exhaust ports in it and slide the miner exhaust fans into the ports. Your big exhaust fan will pull the heat out if it’s sized correctly. The mini split will help cool the intake side better this way.


You also need to move them further out from the wall so they have more room to breathe.


I’d fix that sooner than later before u burn one out

CFM on the fan is 6785.

You could close in that spot to cut down on area u are trying to cool smaller better but not to small then u can exhaust the hot air out and new air in or put in vent for miner to vent out each miner but u definitely need get that temp down what are the asic temps

Just by looking they are blasting the back wall coming back and use the same hot air need to also spread out

I would go move them away from the wall immediately.

Not sure how many are mining in a desert but air flow movement is the most important part u need to get ride of there hot air at any means and get new air in right away it looks like they are just using there air they just push out

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The photo is a bit deceiving. There is a good foot behind the miners.

Does anyone know if anyone makes a dual exhaust shroud like this?

Can’t help there

And I’d trust what @AdamMoyers says since I’m pretty sure he got a hosting facility

Get a wire rack. That wood is holding in heat. spread them out. Get them in direct airflow with the exhaust hot side to the fan. Is the roof of the building black? Maybe make it white to reflect more sunlight?

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Smokey, the exhaust is facing towards the room. The intake is facing the wall with 12" between the intake fan and the wall.

I’ll look into the wire racks.

The roof is corrugated white tin on the outside.

Inside is not yet insulated, but I’ve got the spray foam guy scheduled to come and shoot next week.

I’ll draw an example when I stop driving. Your intake fans are choking. A friend fried a psu 2ft from a wall.



I’ve shut it all down until I can get a pallet wrack from home depot. Let the move begin!

I also have two 20" intake vents that i can frame in this weekend.