Hello everyone! Has anybody bought equipment at I stumbled on that place and would like to know if it’s legit. Thanks for any help!

To be determined. I placed orders for a CK Box and a KD Box there last week and am still waiting on tracking info. Their customer support just responded to me (took ~2 days) and said they would provide tracking info on the KD box tomorrow. I would think the CK Box would’ve shipped already, since it was in stock when I ordered it- But have yet to hear on that one. I’ll post updates as I hopefully get them. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Thank you so much for sharing! I really hope that they deliver what you paid for. How to hear good news soon!

Me too, it’s looking promising - but not out of the woods until they’re plugged in and functional lol. KD Box estimated delivery is next Monday. Just got an email saying they processed my CK Box order this morning. I’ll update when they arrive, got my hopes up now!

Also, their customer service has been a lot more responsive lately, the submission form on their website has worked well and they’ve also been responsive to twitter DMs.

I have ordered from them and recieved my box in about 12-13 days. New in box and has been running strong for 2 months now.

Jimmy Promo has them as a sponsor on YouTube

@Estua Delivery Update: Received my KD box a few days ago from Asicmarketplace and I’m thrilled with the results so far! Arrived in secure packaging with a power supply included, got my boxset up within the hour and mining KDA. I also received a notification that my CK box is on the way shipping DHL as well. I’ll definitely be buying from them again in the future

Guys thank you so much for sharing your experience! I’m glad that you received what you paid for and it’s reassuring that I can order from them! Thank you!

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