Is a Scam?

This past month I have seen two ASIC Miner reviews by YouTuber Jimmy is Promo and he is promoting as a good place to buy miners. Is a legit site? Has anyone purchased a miner from them?


Hey Philip,

Good question. I’ve also been curious about this website. They seem to have most ASICs in stock with an okay resale price (Mini-doge in particular).

I want to buy an S19 Pro and I like that ASIC marketplace says they include duty and taxes in their price. Just need to know if they are legit. Sites like Coin Mining Central specifically state they don’t cover that for purchases outside the UK. I have never made a purchase this large from China to the US and I don’t want to be surprised by a 25% plus duty and tax charge.

I’ve purchased from Coin Mining Central and paid nothing but the shipping to the USA.

Super, no issues with delivery. I have heard good and bad. Have you ordered more than once, just looking for a track record. I asked Jimmy is Promo, he never responded.

that’s likely a scam, we are very cautious about even showing sites you can buy miners from.

There’s a reason we have been here for over 4 years, and most will never be able to say that.


Phil I’m not so sure about ASIC miner website like VoskCoin says as it looks like a scam and probably is a scam.

The same can be said for that Coin Mining Central, the address looks suspicious because it’s at a Shopping Centre and yet no contact number of the business…probably another scam shop.

Stay safe buddy and keep your money safe for something more legit :slight_smile:

Do you recommend coinminingcentral? I was just looking at their site and considering using them…

Hello guys,

It is not wise thing to call somebody a scam without any valid reason or research.

We are in well cooperation with the influencers of the industry like,

Asicminervalue: Vendors | ASIC Miner Value


You can checkout our twitter profile:

Our all verified reviews on trustpilot as well: Asicmarketplace Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Feedback from our influencer client:

We hope it will help you guess our legitimacy.

If you have any kind of doubt or uncertainty please don’t hesitate to email us at

Thanks & Best Regards

That’s all fair enough but people have the right to be concerned on something that they’re not sure of.

Maybe if you reached out to VoskCoin then we will put more trust in your services.

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AsicMarketPlace if you’re still monitoring this thread. I understand that Import Tax is collected at time of delivery. Your website says that the displayed prices include shipping and import tax. Can you shed some light on this please?

Any updates on this I literally was 1 second from buying from these guys then I saw this?

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I want to buy 5 gold shell mini dodge miners. Where should I buy them from? I am a newbie any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

2X retail. I can do better on ebay with purchase protection.

I decided to give asicmarketplace a chance. I ordered a KD-Box at a marked up price (because I really wanted to start mining asap), and then 4 days later Goldshell had them on sale for $1299 and I got angry. So I decided to buy one from them as well to cost average the 2 and make myself feel a little better. Both miners were at my door within 12-13 days from my order being placed. It took a little longer to get my tracking # from asic (which scared me for a day or so, might have placed my order on their Friday afternoon, I don’t know). But over all I can say I placed an order and recieved the box. These boxes were purchased around 8/27/21 and I was mining 9/9/21. Like you I read a lot of mixed reviews and told myself if all went well I would try to help them with a good review. Good luck, happy mining.
@Asic_Marketplace @goldshell


I bought a Canaan Avalon from them. Took about a week or so to get it via DHL from China. They are good to go. Was very impressed with the timely responses I got via email when I had questions regarding my order.

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I can confirm it is legit. I have personally buy it, bought it, received it. And now the miner is running and earning. Thanks

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Happy to see you checking in here but let me tell you some things that aren’t wise as well,

trustpilot reviews are easy to fake and do not make anyone valid

it’s easy to buy favor on twitter as well

If you’re not a scam that’s great, I never wish to fault anyone as a scam that’s not one but we are very careful to endorse or recommend anyone since there have been literally hundreds of scam ASIC miner reselling sites over the years, some of these newer influencers do not have the experience we do and one bad recommendation can severely damage those who support you financially as well as simply your brand authenticity.

How about some proof that actually matters like pictures of your miners w/ a piece of paper that says VoskCoinTalk, a selfie with you in it and the same note, business incorporation details, office address, your background, other team members?

Again only noobs throw thousands of dollars around after reading a trustpilot review lol


To be honest, you’re a new member here and your endorsement carries zero weight – are you also a member of our Discord or anything else to add validity to your recommendation?

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To add more details to this – we should really say we are unsure, we do not recommend or endorse at this time and will do more research as they have expressed interest in legitimizing themselves.

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