Best place to send mining pool payouts

I am new to mining. I ordered some Bobcat miners but it’s 20+ weeks out. I wanted to get started so I got a RAK helium miner last month which just sucks so far at maybe $3 made in a month. Looking for something in the $1000 range that might do a little better, I bought a Mini-Doge which will be here this week. I wanted to get things ready to go when I get it so I can get it going ASAP. I have created accounts with Litepoolmining and F2Pool. I need to setup both accounts with a place to payout which I haven’t done before. I watched a few videos and I guess alot of people use Binance. First, there is a and Are they the same? I assume since I’m in the US I would use the .us but maybe there would be an advantage to the other. Second question, is there a fee for each payout that your mining pool does and if so, who charges less? If not, would there be any disadvantage to using coinbase or I haven’t figured out Metamask yet. How about Paypal, do they do that? To be honest, I am well seasoned with Paypal and I don’t even know how to get crypto into Paypal. Once you have done it a few times, I am sure these seem like silly questions but it’s where I am at. Thanks, Daniel

Your wallets doesn’t charge you for the deposits but your pools charge you for the withdrawals and also have a minimum limit. Try using less wallets as overtime you will be overwhelmed with all the wallets, passwords, seeds.

I agree, it gets to be a pain sometimes trying to deal with numerous wallets, pools, and exchanges. I wish there was one pool that could cover all options for mining. It would make everything a lot easier!


Reading your post. Not trying to a jerk, but you have a ways to go. Check out the website in my profile. I teach crypto/crypto trading. You are asking the right questions but you have started at 50 instead of 1. For instance , Binance. What the difference between .us and .com are giant. First off .com banned US users. .us is partners with coinbase, so is it even Binance ??? And since and Coinbase both report your tax info… do you really even want to sign up? I control massive amounts of crypto, I refuse to use any exchange in the US. I refuse to pay tax, I crypto to fight tyranny, not fund it. is partners with VISA … enough said…

MetaMask is very quickly falling out of style. So many new wallets exist that function on the v2 and v3 networks that MetaMask is kind of standing in the dust wondering “what’s going on”.

I know I come off as a D-bag, I’m sorry If I do. You and I, we, are on the same team and I’m here to help. Do this, read that “how to” crypto site. Should answer a couple questions for you. Then come back and re-phrase. I’m concerned you are mixing topics without seeing the whole picture. Like the Metamask , that’s an ERC blockchain network wallet. And since ERC and GAS fees are a no-go and other better (cheaper) options exist. The only reason to have metamask is if you intend to trade on the Swap Dex’s, built on the ERC network. If you only did Ethereum, that might work. But I would ask why not run a ETH CLI instead, we are miners not plebs. (you might be thinking what’s an ETH CLI… the ‘how to’ web site). Keep asking and Keep learning.

About pay-pal … just don’t. Fuck them, we crypto for freedom, they $$Profit to support oppression.


Just a heads up. Make sure your state will allow Binance. I am in Texas and I am not allowed to create an account :frowning: You can go to and check to see if your state is restricted or not.

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Fantastic information. I am going to go check out your guide. Thanks for the informative post.

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