Best way to exchange Kadena to USD

Hey all! New miner here, but following the channel for a while. Just got into the mining game recently and purchased a kd box and kd5 miner from goldshell (waiting for the kd5 to arrive) and a few helium miners, that I’m waiting to receive. Would love to hear how you go about exchanging kadena to dollars. I’m currently mining to the dxpool, and using coinbase and gemini. Thank you!

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kucoin exchange is one way you can trade / convert it:

Thank you, so if I’m mining kadena into the Dxpool. Can I deposit kadena into Kucoin from Dxpool? Is the Kucoin the best platform to deposit my kadenas into? Taking into consideration the fees, exchange rates etc? Also is Kucoin better than Hotbit, or are they pretty much the same? Thanks!

I don’t recommend mining into an exchange wallet, it’s best to mine directly into your own wallet if possible.

Only use an exchange to exchange from crypto to fiat, and vice versa.

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I’m currently mining kadena from KD BOX into the Dxpool, and I’m trying to figure out the best way, to transfer kadena into my bank account in usd, or into coinbase.

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Hotbit is currently not excepting KDA deposits. Keeping KDA in your wallet is a solid plan (like @SUNYNKA had mentioned), but you still want to have a “cash out / exchange” plan just in case and you can not use any wallet that I know of for that - has to be done through an exchange.

But if someone knows a better way I’m all ears - the cool thing about crypto is that you never stop learning :wink:

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Yes, I have too noticed that the Hotbit just stopped KDA deposits saying they will resume asap. So as of right now, there is no way of getting the KDA out from the dxpool? When you say exchange, what would you suggest? Thank you!

I have DXpool sending my KDA to a ZelCore wallet. But just collecting since a few days. did not yet understand how swaping and sending to another wallet is going.

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And can you transfer the KDA to say bitcoin, or usdt in the ZelCore platform and then send to your bank account eventually? TY!

honestly, I did not yet find out how to swap it into another currency. Sending is possible, but to where? :thinking:
Still have to google, translate to my language and to learn how it works

Hmm, this is interesting, because why else should I mine KDA? Maybe someone with more experience can chip in? The question is, how do you get the KDA to your more traditional platforms like say Coinbase, or similar that could be connected to your bank account and in the form of bitcoin or usdt? Should we mine it to the Dxpool, or is different wallet better? I hope I’ll figure this one out soon. Thank you all.


i have the same questions! that zel is unbearable of complexity… i was hoping to find a wallet to put my SC, LT, and KDA and be able to transfer to USD and/or have a card to spend that money :wink:

i just started looking, if i find something i will come back and tell you! fingers crossed, i’m sure there is a simple way that we did not find yet!

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thank you! i just tried and it is perfect! what i wanted it seems!

i’m looking better at fees and how to spread on a couple other supports once i convert from KDA to other currency

kucoin seems perfect for KDA… i’ll give it a try!

Kinda new to this too & I have no experience (yet) but I read that you need to make sure you x-fer KDA from Zelcore (or perhaps other wallet) using the proper “chain”. I think (emphasis on think, not certain) that Zelcore accumulates KDA from mining pool on chain zero but you would need to exchange/move over to chain 1 in Zelcore before moving to Kucoin or other. Again, not certain on this but & cannot give further details but something to look into so you don’t lose KDA.

So KUcoin is the easiest for you. Download the KDA Wallet from the website and mine your coins to it. When you are ready to cash them out, move them to KUcoin and do it. If you mine to KUcoin you will loose your coins since they are layer 0 coins and KUcoin only accepts layer 1. From your wallet they will be layer 1

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Vosk actually talks about this in his review video on the KD box he did.


hhoo wow thanks i had not understood that!! i will look at video and try to understand! it’s a shame we cant have one app to rule all coins :wink:

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Thank you all, for the info! I have recently purchased the KD5 from Goldshell, so I need to figure this out.

I have to second KuCoin
I personally do dxpool to KuCoin
KuCoin convert to BTC
Btc into Nexo
Pull out 50% as a loan
Rinse and repeat