Best way to exchange Kadena to USD

I’m new to mining as well, but I have some KD Boxes that I’ve been running for the past few weeks. I started on F2 Pool and have since moved over to Pool Flare. I mine into my Kadena Wallet that I downloaded directly from the Kadena website. as has been previously mentioned here, make sure you know what chain your mining pool uses to pay your Kadena with. Both pools I’ve been a part of pay on Chain 0, while KuCoin only uses Chain 1 for Kadena. So I have to do a “Cross Chain Transfer” either within my Kadena wallet or from my wallet to KuCoin from Chain 0 to Chain 1, otherwise my coins would get lost in transaction. It’s all a little confusing. One other thing to note when doing a cross chain transaction is that Kadena has a cross chain transaction finishing function here to help complete those transactions quickly. It’s taken some time to get comfortable doing these transfers, but now I’m feeling more comfortable with it, plus it’s worth the extra effort with how much the token has appreciated this week.

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sorry but how do I do that?

Thank you @goldentee. How do I find out what chain is dxpool using to mine KDA? I looked into it, but couldn’t find it. Thanks.

Can Us residents use Kucooin… I thought there were issues there.
I just currently hold my coins with xdpool but im sure thats not a great idea

How long can you leave you’re mining crypto in the DxPool account ?

I’m using Kucoin and I’m in the US. The only problem is KDA is in Node maintenance, so you cant deposit