Best way to exchange Kadena to USD

I’m new to mining as well, but I have some KD Boxes that I’ve been running for the past few weeks. I started on F2 Pool and have since moved over to Pool Flare. I mine into my Kadena Wallet that I downloaded directly from the Kadena website. as has been previously mentioned here, make sure you know what chain your mining pool uses to pay your Kadena with. Both pools I’ve been a part of pay on Chain 0, while KuCoin only uses Chain 1 for Kadena. So I have to do a “Cross Chain Transfer” either within my Kadena wallet or from my wallet to KuCoin from Chain 0 to Chain 1, otherwise my coins would get lost in transaction. It’s all a little confusing. One other thing to note when doing a cross chain transaction is that Kadena has a cross chain transaction finishing function here to help complete those transactions quickly. It’s taken some time to get comfortable doing these transfers, but now I’m feeling more comfortable with it, plus it’s worth the extra effort with how much the token has appreciated this week.

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sorry but how do I do that?

Thank you @goldentee. How do I find out what chain is dxpool using to mine KDA? I looked into it, but couldn’t find it. Thanks.

Can Us residents use Kucooin… I thought there were issues there.
I just currently hold my coins with xdpool but im sure thats not a great idea

How long can you leave you’re mining crypto in the DxPool account ?

I’m using Kucoin and I’m in the US. The only problem is KDA is in Node maintenance, so you cant deposit

I’m getting KD5 miners as well, of course they’re extremely hard to get right now. How much did you pay at Goldshell?

They where selling for 10,500 from goldshell

How did you order ive been trying too get any kadena miner but had no luck

I paid $11,000.00 from Goldshell. Just subscribe to their website, have your money ready in btc using coinbase, know what you want and be ready to pull the trigger when you get an email notification about restocking. I’m still happy I bought it, but figuring out how to get most kadenas or btc from the mining into my coinbase or in dollars into my ban account is a very important part for me too.


HI japaboston, can you suggest me a pool to mine kadena with kd5 ? now i’m using xdpool but the hashrate fall down without sense

Hi Luca, welcome to the club! Just got my kd5 up for a few days now after figuring out the electricity, internet etc. I have also purchased the kd box a while back to pretty much learn all the post mining stuff, like pools, wallets, exchanges etc. I have used xdpool first too, but I started getting higher rejection rates too, so did more research and then switched to poolflare. I know a few other people that I talked to and also posted on this thread are doing the same. Personally I’m happy with it so far. So what you do, is mine to poolflare and connect it with zelcore, which means that the payots will be deposited automatically to your zelcore account twice a day and kept there in kadenas. I’m thinking to put out a video on youtube with a step by step process as there is a few but I’d like to create one where I’ll connect all of the pieces together. Though if you follow the video below, you should be able to get up and running. Good luck and start hashing as my friend says haha.

My miner still no hash also in poolfare, what firmware are you run now ? Can you put online ? im runnung with a 2.1.5 and no hashrate.

Did you follow the video I have linked above Luca? You need to make sure you’ll put in your zelcore wallet address to the poolflare. I think everything is in the video. Let me know if you were able to figure it out.

Hey I mine into my Zelcore wallet too. From there, how do you sell your KDA?

I was using Kucoin but they wont let you deposit kda now for some reason

These are the available exchanges and pairs for KDA as of now. I get this info from

KuCoin is down for a wallet upgrade they say.


Thank you very much for sharing that was very helpful. As I have been continuing to test I have successfully transferred one KDA to my CoinMetro account. Testing is still in progress with selling to get USD. Will update when I have something.


@benjiman first in Zelcore change the KDAs from chain 0 to chain 1 !!! Then transfer to Kucoin.
I do not sell them frequently. therefore I did not yet notice any issue with KDA on Kucoin.

Thank you @BartLanz for posting that list.

Just an FYI but as of Aug 2021 Zelcore will transfer your KDA to chain 1 on any withdraws. Should save you a step @paymyrent

  • As of August 6th 2021, deposit of KDA in all 20 chains (chain 0 to chain 19) is now supported.

  • When withdrawing KDA, Kucoin will transfer your KDA to your Chain 1 address.