BEWARE - MXC Ponzinomics and the Match X M2 Pro Miner SCAM

Long story short is VoskCoin does not recommend or endorse Match X MXC or their M2 Pro Miner that mines MXC and naturally the same goes for their “new” NEO miner which btw these Helium hotspot style miners boast they can also mine Bitcoin and Dogecoin lol.

VoskCoin originally was sponsored to review the MatchX M2 Pro Miner, but they were FURIOUS because I tried to have some fun and make a youtubey mining with my trashcan video. It was also an easy way to mount it outside without drilling into my siding because I am moving from this house eventually anyway…

MatchX / MXC team was outraged and rugged us of our affiliate deal, earnings, and our community of the 5% discount code that Siwon had promised along with a contract we signed, which to my bull market hasty mistake has left out the discount code information. Makes you wonder if MXC was planning to scam us to begin with. Siwon has since deleted his account on Telegram, but not his messages.

VoskCoin made a second video review of the MXC MatchX M2 Pro miner, which was always planned to basically do a fun miner review and a more serious miner review. These videos have received over 600,000 views at the time of writing this post which would have led to substantial affiliate earnings.

Our shortlink was clicked over 100,000 times, and after reading this thread some people may just be saying Vosk is butthurt he didn’t earn some affiliate referral money! Well yeah, VoskCoin does employ 7 people full-time along with several part-time support, but I am sharing this because we have a unique example into the scammy nature of MatchX and MXC which simply adds to the pile of reasons you should not trust them or any of their MXC mining rigs.

I actually moved away from MXC mining and sold the M2 Pro miner because I wanted to roll the money from selling it into new miners to review on the VoskCoin YouTube channel. I was becoming increasingly less interested in MXC mining as they started to talk about miner fuel, and bonding your MXC to get the full mining power out of your MXC M2 Pro miner, and just moving the goal posts, changing the mining dynamics… Proof of Work PoW is set and simple, it’s a beautiful thing, take Bitcoin SHA-256 mining for example, it was set over 10 years ago and no one messed with it! MatchX couldn’t leave their MXC mining alone as they played musical chairs moving the tokenomics and requirements around which is remniscent of SBF/Alameda/FTX Ponzinomics, but a mining rig version.

But as always, I’m a Doge dad, not your dad! Do whatever you want, my agenda is simply sharing the truth, which is critical as they are now taking pre-orders for their new MXC NEO miner to try to do the M2 Pro miner trick once again.

What are your thoughts on MXC or MatchX or the M2 Pro miner or the NEO miner? Drop them below!
If you have any questions or want clarification on any of my experiences mining MXC with MatchX miners, simply ask away.


I was going to buy this miner until I read about the miner fuel. Lost interest in the project after that. I am in this to have fun and make a some coin, not to be forced to HODL so I can cash out later under their terms.


one of my biggest gripes with the mxc m2 pro miner scam is that in the initial sale/use/review that did not exist but to drastically change a device people bought into for $3,000 per miner with ponzinomics like token bonding, miner fuel, among other things, it’s just simply scammy.


I and a lot people have problems with MXC crypto miners Matchx m2 pro and NEO controlled by MXC Foundation. Not possible to withdraw mined coins specially MXC. We are thinking of legal process, go to court. I have also canceled NEO miner. Stay Safe from MXC Scam!

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I have the same promlem .have you started with legal process .please let me know .
I got 10 miners last year .I have almost 700000 Mxc mined and they dont let me to withdraw.

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I mined almost 30,000 MXC. Then I found that I could not withdraw it. Soon after that, all the mining of my machine stopped even with 100% health. They say that they have some legal problem with our government. I called Bithumb to ask about this problem. They say that they don’t understand and that there is not a coin the owner cannot send to Bithumb. MXC foundation got me out of their community whenever I tried to ask for help again and again. They must go to jail. If it’s really a German company, it is a real shame on Germany.

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I felt ‘rubbed wrong’ by these guys from the go. It’s the name. They took 2 old stable crypto names and combined them. Neo , the token and the network. And MX tokens, the native utility token of 3 crypto exchanges.

Like word play. like, “the Ferrari Mustang by AvtoVAZ” (fictitious joke name) . Uhhhh. so is that a Ferrari? or a Mustang?
And then it’s neither.
I totally understand crafty advertising, but when an Idea/product/concept is awesome, they don’t need gimmicks.
This is just my opinion and hearsay of why I passed them by.

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Hi there,

if some one is also interested in it. I am gonna visit MatchX/MXC next week at in Berlin/Germany. I will try to reach somebody and ask a few question and maybe take some photos of their headquarters.

I was an affiliate partner and owned two M2 Pro Miners for nearly two years. they owe me quite a bit of money. No one has even responded for months. Account manager and support, not a single one. Telegram and Discord I got banned for asking who to contact.

I live in germany and will be in Berlin next week anyway I will go there :slight_smile:

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Good idea, but I bet you 10 RVN they dont have a physical HQ

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Today, I gave up on the M2 Pro miner. I threw it in the garbage. This is a failed project (not failing). It’s unbelievable how complex this project is and, if you do get things figured out, you just might earn a few pennies a day… that is if you remember to claim your rewards at 7:00 PST DAILY - if you don’t claim those rewards, you lose them.


MXC Foundation has converted without consent all user MXC tokens earned or deposited in DataDash app (DD) to xMXC tokens, causing an irreparable 75%+ loss in value. MXC STOLE CLIENTS VALUABLE TOKENS AND REPLACED THEM WITH USELESS TOKENS


in case anyone still had doubts as to whether MXC is a scam. They have given the final proof.

They have announced a 100M dollar deal. With a company that doesn’t exist. Much better, with a company that was simultaneously exposed as a scam in China. A company that only has Twitter since a few weeks, and only promotes MXC.

Reports about this company:

Some of these articles are also older than the announcement of the cooperation.

I also came across this good article via Coinmarketcap.

More than 40 fake accounts and bots are probably operated by MXC.

It is frightening that this project is still active. And with this new cooperation, it is taking on completely new dimensions in my eyes. Two proven fraudsters who are now officially working together. A COO who has gone into hiding. I’m waiting for a Netflix series.

As big a scam as Bibox

yeah what they did to Vosk doesn’t sound fair