a scam?

Hey everyone I was just wondering if this website was a scam because I saw it on voskcointalk as an official website for miners but some of it seems to good to be true.


stop asking if every website is a scam. what is wrong with you. do your own research. there is a site called google. my goodness…expecting people to spooon feed you for everything.

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I gave them a call and they answered all my questions - they have a valid LLC registered with the state and were very helpful. The owner will most likely see your post here and reach out. I have not ordered from them - I’m still researching what to purchase since everything is so difficult to find in-stock. Give them a call.


hes fine…

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@Aaron_Raycove is the owner and the site is legit.


@Sebas also, not trying to kick a dead horse but name one in stock ASIC on that site thats “too good to be true”

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Nope, not a scam.


I ordered from Aaron the owner he answered my questions before I ordered anything from him and accepted credit card as payment. I got the order shipped to me about 2 weeks after I placed the order and everything went great.


No, We expect to spoon feed each other information. That’s what this forum is for; to help each other out. Not to talk down to someone who is asking for help on whether a website is a scam or not. Sometimes google won’t give all the right info and thats why people come here.


Not when you’re labeling every company a scam to grab attentions. Even answers you get from here shouldn’t be construed as holy grail info. At the end, you need to do your due diligence and make final decisions.

You’re right, each person should do their research and due diligence. However, that is exactly what Sebas was doing…asking questions so they don’t get scammed…that is part of research and due diligence. I’m still new to the mining world and am happy this forum is here. It is overwhelming with the amount of scams there are compared to legit sites. You shouldn’t hate on someone for asking questions, we were all new to this at some point. If they didn’t ask about a company and got scammed you would probably say “why didn’t you ask someone here?” If you don’t want to help someone out, then just keep scrolling instead of trying to make them feel like crap!


Thanks for the support guys because no where else I look are can believe because everything looks real but them I go on another website and it ends up saying it’s a scam so I really thank you all for the support.


I get the inflated reseller prices, but when the site says the CK-Box is one price but when you click on the order tab it’s $200 higher, it leaves a bad taste. My two cents

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Hi there, I wrote something on another chat about my experience with Bigskyasics. I have no complaints buying from them, in fact when I buy my next asic will be from them. The whole transaction was smooth and the delivery was super fast. I ordered a CK5 from him almost 2 months ago. I didn’t want to wait so I ordered what was in stock. Aaron was really nice. I am new to the crypto world so paying with credit card was a big plus for me. I got my receipt right away and everything was included on the price. No need to worry about customs. In 3 days my miner was in my house. His company is in Montana. What can I say, I had a really good experience buying my miner there. Good luck!


BASED ON THEIR SITE PRICES, no one was selling an S19X for 14k their price is now changed to 18k and not avaliable until 2022 so I may have jumped the gun on that one. Like I said I am only doing one case at a time and am finding alot of shady users on this site. It was based on this one fact and am glad the owner has stepped up and defended their site with facts unlike someone else that has been nothing but flags. I can only respond thru edits as this is a new profile and am upset with the lack of security I will be back in 20 hours with new evidence on anyone else I find on here that does not have legit backing.

I got you mixed up with another post my bad. Apologies. You were not the one.

Oh no! Let me guess, everyone is a scam except Master3004? Is that the MO with your recent post against these sellers?

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I am just going thru basic background verification when every step red flags there is no other logical explanation. Confrontation usually reacts in extreme defense fight or flight.

My initial look in BigSky was only one red flag I was in the middle of another investigation when I stumbled on this. my bad and apologies, even saved them and book marked, Thier was an XP Listed at below market, was very suspect. I do apologize you are LEGIT, after being able to do more research I can confirm you are a real business. Most of Montana rigs are bought up by Crusoe Energy surprised you got any in stock.

LOL okay got it. Sounds like some fancy CSI stuff you got going on. Why don’t you post a picture for everyone to see the google location where Master3004 “Just A Bit of Coin” is registered. The neighborhood doesn’t line up with his claim of making more than half a million a year. Something fishy there. Oh, and his recent photos of his company name on a pallet of junk miners. Would be more believable if it was a pallet of new state of the art miners.

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Yes because I am a mother of three little kids and as you would understand I have no time on been on the internet answering or commenting or checking on other people’s profiles or just giving my 2 cents. But yesterday I had a little time in my hands and I decided to add my two cents on how my experience was with Bigskyasics. I don’t know if you had a bad experience with them but I am commenting on what my experience with them was. I am jealous of the free time you have ( cuz seriously I don’t) to go around checking on people’s profile and making a judgment who is a scam and who is not. No mad at you for questioning me because I understand out of nowhere I give my two cents on this forum. I can understand that. But I did bought a miner from Bigskyasics and I had a good experience with them.