Bigskyasics legit?

Hey all,

Thinking hard about buying an S19 pro today. Has anyone bought from Big Sky ASICS? If so what was your experience or do you have an alternative spot to take a look to buy one via credit card? Thanks for your time!

He’s solid, bought my L7 from Aaron.

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Great, thank you for the quick response!

i know vosk uses them sometimes

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i have purchased from bigsky , very good ; Vosk referral

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Big sky is legit. bought my L7 from them.

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if youre thinking about a s19, check out Musk miners, they are cheaper i believe

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No do not order from Aaron. I brought a kd6 in March for May delivery and I still have not received it.

Also burned us after asking for invoice to pay. Really put me and many others in a dark place as we took his word as gold.

How about BT-Miners, anyone use then? Their prices look lower than BigSky prices.

haven’t used bt but price doesn’t included shipping or taxes

I have used BT 3 times. no issues at all

Hey guys, I have purchased (14) S19s and (2) L7s from this supplier. No issues, they use UPS to ship and handle the tarrifs upfront (unlike DHL). About $4,500 for S19s.

BT-Minters are legit. Bought an L7 (pre-order, was delivered late but that was really a Bitmain issue across the board) and a few other smaller miners. They are not cheap but are very good.

This outfit is solid. bought several miners from big sky, some were malfunctioning months later, guy replaced them free of charge. Also has offered to help fix any that break within a years time. Big positive thumbs up for Big Sky Asics!!! Other people on here selling stuff will not refund if broken and give no guarantee .

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Ehh I have given strangers 130k no questions asked refunds so don’t speak so ignorantly

Still have not received my KD6. No signs of when I will get it. I get $10k back from Mastercard but still out $40,606.
Aaron will not return calls but I do talk to Kevin in the Philippines on his sales phone number.

Wow look at that the big shill who wants to come after me @bigskyasics is Mia and fleeced someone 40k on top of not paying a 43,000 outstanding bill but yea I’m the bad guy my god @digitalkid

Definitely a scam. People do not buy…