Bigskyasics legit?

Aaron and I have spoke at least once over the internet. He said he was in UAE and they had caused an issue with his business phone. The last email we exchanged he said they were considering bankruptcy and a lawsuit against a supplier in China. I asked for the paperwork indicating a lawsuit, have not received yet. I indicated to him I would need a resolution by Labor Day. We will see.

Are you sure you spoke with Aaron? He’s in Big Sky Montana, hard to picture him anywhere remotely near the UAE. I could be wrong though. He was solid for me.

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Pathetic LOL

Update: I received a email today saying order has been received and is being processed. I sent a follow up email, so far no response. I also, sent a text to the company asking for shipping information and again no response. Will keep this updated.

Unfortunately you wont be getting your money back man.

S C A M , guy really played the part I’ll give it to him, can’t say I blame him, I sent a stranger a bunch of non backed digital coins like a fool. Lesson learned, that won’t be happening again.

I pray for people like yourself well that and I pray in hopes a power greater than me can save you from what my head says to do.

Update, 9/7, received a reply back to a text. I had asked about the email that said the order was in. The response was the “in” referred to it being in the system now.

-55,000 reported to multiple agencies and my lawyer has sent around a lot of paper work, you and any other victims please feel free to reach out and my lawyer will do the same

Please update on your legal process. I have a meeting Tuesday at 10 to start our process.

This is an interesting thread here as it seemed BigSkyASICS was legit or viewed as such by many however there appear to be a few here all claiming the BigSkyASICS is a bad actor however one of those and his alternate and/or cohort, Swapp & TurnerEvo, have similar accusations against them by far more than this thread.

@PirateSeulb I agree, seems fishy

I’ve asked BSA to respond to this thread

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I knew he had posted in the past and his absence has not helped this thread so glad to see an attempt to get him in here to at least share his side of these accusations.

Hi! This is Aaron Raycove, CEO and Co-founder of BSA (Big Sky Asics). Due to a hectic schedule, we rarely respond to threads. But I am responding to this thread as per the request of Voskcoin.

1st of all I would like to thank every one of you who have endorsed us positively on this thread. As everyone can see, we have more happy and satisfied customers even on this thread compared to unhappy customers. This is because we do level best in every possible way to deliver the best we can.

On behalf of the BSA team, I apologize to those of you who have had bad experiences with BSA. All of you pre-ordered a miner which was due to be delivered to BSA after several weeks of 100% advance payment to the supplier.

I believe that most of you are well aware of what’s happening in industry, and know that there were delays from Goldshell in the delivery. But this was not all. With this, the supplier started to make excuses and 9 miners for which 100% payment was made, aren’t delivered to us.

Same time, the market situation went really bad and BSA stopped making enough money to cover the expenses, thus all the reserves were exhausted to cover the operational losses in the last few months.

Last nail in the coffin was the bad management at my partner’s end. He hired a technician from his family who remained with BSA for 4 months, and didn’t work even at 5% of his capacity, resulting in massive delays on repairs. That technician cost BSA well over $50K loss. My partner also successfully managed to make some bad financial decisions.

Because of the bad financial situation, our cashflow doesn’t even allow us to buy these miners out of pocket and provide customers with miners they ordered, just on good faith. Although we are not liable for it as soon as we received payments from these clients 100% payments were made to suppliers for pre-order. But because we came with the vision to offer the best services, we are doing everything in our control to satisfy our customers. And because of this, we have delivered a miner to one of these customers, from our own pocket.

Considering that we don’t have any assets and funds available, the market is at its worst, suppliers stopped responding to us, and mismatch of management team, our best choice was to file bankruptcy and get rid of all the tensions and troubles we are in. But even though we are making some major changes internally, I fully understand that these customers have trusted us with their hard earned money and I am doing everything in my control to get them what they have ordered. I am parting ways with my partner and am adding a person in the Management team who has extensive diversified experience of over 2 decades.

Even though there is no money available, still we have initiated a legal action against the supplier in China which is quite expensive. Legal notice was submitted to the supplier last week. Right after that legal notice, after months they have shipped us 1 out of these 9 miners. Although we can’t commit anything, I am hopeful that they will now ship the rest of the miners as well soon. If they have delivered 1, it means that their intentions are not bad, perhaps they are also in a bad situation because of the industry conditions. Having said that, we are actively doing everything we can to get you the miners you order.

All of you who unfortunately suffered because of this, at no point we told you that we won’t deliver your miner. We are trying to keep you updated with the situation. This is because we want you to have a positive experience even after delays and initial poor experience.

Because of all this mess, we have stopped taking pre-orders. We don’t make enough money on orders which are worth all this hassle we have been in. And there isn’t even a single customer who ordered in the past 3 months and didn’t get their miner. This shows that our intentions are not bad. We are not a bad supplier. It’s just that we are also stuck with a bad situation, and doing our best to get out of it.

In the end, I would like to apologize to you for the bad experience some of you had. But the majority of you can endorse that we have always done our best to go extra miles to satisfy our customers, and we will continue to do so, as long we are in business.

Aaron Raycove


And in response to Swapp and TunerEvo. The above are both the same user Justin Howarth. Who has scammed well over 250k that we know about. And to KeyKen, we do apologize and were doing our absolute best to recover the goods that were paid for.


At this point if they cant give all who arent getting their items a full refund, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible and sue. if you dont take action within a short time (i believe its 3 years, but im not a lawyer so do your won research), or you may not get anything back. as for BSA, this isnt anything against you, but more just info for customers so they do not get screwed out of their money.

probably should post that info on the company twitter account and on the website. that way there arent people making continuing orders that wont get anything.

A quick statement on Bigskyasics

I appreciate @Aaron_Raycove coming and making a statement and hope that him and his business can recover and show that they are one of the good guys. I can understand @VoskCoin warning about them as well given their current circumstances it does greatly increase individual risk with them.


That sucks Aaron, I know personally your a very honest hard working person based on our interactions but that doesnt mean the economy wont get yuh. Hopefully people understand the risk they took and glad your at least replying and being honest versus the other belly up suppliers… Next bull run, LFG.

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