Bitmain Antminer L3+

Hello i have the opportunity to buy some bitmain antmine l3+ for about 100 euro (112 dollar) it mines about 504Mh/s and i wont have to pay for electrical bills but i have no experience with asic miners would it be smart to buy 1 or 2?

Thanks in advance!



Ask yourself this. If it is a great miner with longevity, then why are they selling for so cheap. Often times, the ones selling their gear are aware of something coming down the pipes to make them unprofitable or unusable. Case in point. I bought a FusionSilicon x2 for 1200 on Ebay and Nicehash said it was the highest earning ASIC miner. These were $4-5000 when they were new. They were a Tri-miner and were really kicking it. So I bought one. I set it up and got it running. 10 days later one of the Algorithms became antiquated and it dropped to a bi-miner. Then a second one dropped off and on each 3 day cycle. I was losing money on power. Fortunately for me, I was able to return it via my buyers protection, but otherwise it would have become an expensive doorstop. Look for reviews on YouTube or such that are current (not a year old) and then make your decision. Better to be careful. I’d rather miss out on a hit, if it also means avoiding 5 strikeouts.

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The reason they are selling them is because if you do have to pay for the electricity then the miners will be mining at a loss butt since I don’t have to pay for electricity according to cryptocompare 1 miner will make about 4.27 a week so my breakeven point would then be in like 5-6 months and everything after that would be profit

Well, either way, you almost cant go wrong at that price. Would like to see more posts about ASICs and how effective they are. You are right though, ZERO power cost makes all the difference. What do you have to lose?

Thats true i might get 1 or 2 and post an update in a couple of weeks with some new info and what my profits are

Nice. Looking forward to it. No adventure worth a damn begins with the words “Be safe out there!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hahaha thanks i will keep you posted when I have everything installed!

did you check out the link I posted? lots of L3 info in there

yess i have read a bit of it and i will read more when i am going to setup my miner in a couple of weeks it is a verry intresting conversation with lots of info

There is no such thing called a mistake ! Every decision you make is a good decision. Even if the outcome is different from what you expected, it simply means you didn’t have all the details. You adapt and make a new decision ! Its the only way you can learn. That doesn’t mean you should make mistakes on purpose. You make the decision based on your best ability and knowledge and you go from there.
To learn on how to deal with ASIC’s, I would gladly spend $100, regardless of the outcome.
I bought a used Bitmain A3 ETH miner in Feb for $ 350, in April the DAG on ETH went above what the ASIC could handle, but Bitmain came up with a firmware update to have them mine 'til Oct. I mined 4 ETH so far and broke even in May. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. I don’t ever regret though, that I bought it. With free electricity, its a no brainer, but I would also look at what other coins you can mine, should you run into some issues.

Yea thats true $100 is not allot of money so even if i make a mistake i will learn from it.

thank you!

don’t listen to the haters bro it doesn’t matter what you spent if its worth it to you and you are enjoying yourself nothing else matters

what haters? not one ounce of that on this thread.

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