L3+ Overclocking

I am honestly fishing for some real info myself I am doing a little experimentation but I still havent found the right way to monitor my miners after I make adjustments so for now I was hoping to see if anyone else had some data they can share.

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Until I get some more reliable data I have just been trying to run the miners at the same hasrate while using less power hopefully I am not going to break my machines doing this lol

Can you share some more details? How are you monitoring the power usage from the bitmain antminer l3+? Are you using the bitmain firmware to overclock or a different miner firmware, and for the overclocking what frequencies are you setting the ASIC chips to?

I am using firmware from emcd the one on the left lol

I would like to install Hive OS but I don’t feel confident I could pull it off without messing up something that is currently working

it would be perfect for me though since I have 3 l3 currently and they let you run 3 for free

the only in depth tutorial I can find for ASIC install has bad audio the rest show how to install for GPU for Hive OS

I haven’t found any firmware that still works, other than the Bitmain firmware. I see videos on youtube and I try the advertised firmware out, but I receive mounting image errors… 0 probs with Bitmain though.

I got the hive os formware working now and I really like it I am still having some trouble getting my miner connected to hiveos but I am getting help from the customer support in email for that now.

I got all my miners connected with hiveos it was not easy especially since i am pretty new to all of this but they were able to walk me through the confusing parts in email. I am going to start trying some of the templates they have for overclocking and i will let you all know my results.

so far I cant really go past 406 frequency without getting hardware errors I am looking at experimenting with tuning each chip the coolest thing I have found on this hiveos software is the ability to see the performance of each chip on each board and the ability to correct the frequency only on the chips reporting a certain number of HW errors.

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I feel like I got my strongest L3 tuned now yes they are not all created equal lol, so I found that this one like 444 frequency across all four boards with the voltage set to level 1 for the first three boards and level 3 for the fourth chain/board. If anyone else is interested i can post more results as I keep playing just let me know if anyone is even reading this.

EDIT:I have since went up a few watts and got better performance here is the new config
same frequency i just put all the voltage to level 2 on the first 3 chains and the last chain is now on level 4 so basically i went up one level on each chain.

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also voltage level 1 equals 199.5 watts and voltage level 3 equals 209.5 watts so that must mean each level you go up you increase the wattage by 5 with 199.5 being the lowest at level 1 and i think level 20 was the highest you can go on this miner

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lol I forgot to tell you my hashrate! monitoring from my miner I am getting about 575, poolside im getting around 580 so i would say at least 565 570 and that is at about 800 watts same as it usually runs without overclock.

Nice. 570 MH/s @ 800 watts on an L3+ is way more cost effective than what I get using the Bitmain firmware. I run mine at 467 Frequency and am getting 602 MH/s but using 1054 Watts!! Luckily I don’t pay for electricity :zap: :zap: :zap:

here is what I found you cant just plug and play numbers that work for someone else into your miner every chip and every board is not created equal you have to test and monitor and test and monitor to get the best results you need the best firmware that allows you complete control over your miner and lets you monitor every aspect in real time. I was helped so much by HiveOS i learned so much about my miners these past couple of days. First thing i did was try the pre configured over clock settings the cool thing about doing this is you get to watch it tune your miner to see what it adjusts to correct HW errors. I would say start out with the baseline 384 frequency and try the lowest power settings possible on each board. If you get more than 1 error in 15 minutes you have to increase the power. Once you dial in the power level to run with no HW errors start increasing the frequency until you get over your HW error threshold. When you start getting more errors than you like you have to decide if you want to decrease the frequency or increase the power and that is the basics to get you started from there it is a matter of preference on which you prefer less power consumption or more hashrate.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your miner on the preset configurations though they allow a few more HW errors than I would like use them for your baseline and then adjust from there


this is the firmware I am using I could not find this on my own this was sent to me in an email from customer support

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It was not the easiest to get set up on HiveOS but if you have any trouble just contact them and they will respond very quickly.

Sweet thanks man. I just downloaded the file, haven’t installed it yet but I will once I learn a little more.
What are you using your L3+s for? I have one mining close to 300 Digibyte a day on zergpool and my other one on BTC.com mining Litecoin and Dogecoin. I’m getting about 2.6% of a LTC/day and about 55 Doge/day. It adds up nicely over time, especially with really really cheap electric.