Bitmain FULLY SILENT Quiet Antminer S9

When watching YouTube it auto loaded a video with these moddod Antminer S9’s in the background. They made no noise.

Link to actual video

Does anyone know anything about how to do this? What type of fans are these? I would like to swap out the fan for less noise but not lose any hash rate. I see a bunch of modded S9 on ebay that claim to do this.

Bitmain FULLY SILENT Quiet Antminer S9 with noiseless PSU (or apw3++ on request)

Bitmain Antminer S9 - SILENT Tuned with Bosminer :fire:1Th @ 69w​:fire: OR LESS Noiseless

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I will be pulling out my L3 tomorrow to slap some spare fans I have to see what happens lol this is cool as hell thanks for sharing this with us!

I am going to do some research and find the fans with the highest rpm and the lowest decibel level and ill be back with data


That does look cool. I have seen some videos on you tube where people put these things in cooler boxes and use that ducking that is typically used for air conditioning to help dampen the noise levels.

Haven’t tested it though, will give it a shot as soon as my new miners arrive.


here is a list of fans that are below 45 decibels but the fastest one only spins at 3000 rpm I need to find out the specs on the airflow of what the L3 comes with though instead of using RPM to guide me

this would be my pick I am not sure I want to spend $60 to play around with some miners I don’t even want anymore though lol

I’d like to change the fan on my S9, can anyone find a tutorial on how to change a fan on one?

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It is super simple only four screws for each fan and one wire for each fan to unplug they also have easy to find replacements all over the web

Currently my fans are running at 4920 and 5640 rpms on my antminer. The best silent fan I could find is 3,000 rpms. That’s about 40% less rpms. Does anyone know how this will affect my antminer? Will it overheat?

Total newbie here; but, I’ve been wondering if a Peltier Plate (thermoelectric Heat Sink Cooler) would work in some of these applications.


This might cool things enough, that a slower fan would still move the air. They come in different watts.

Not sure how tou would add that to the miner. Interesting idea.

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Is S9/still profitable?
What are you mining with it?
Someone want to sell his 8 month old s9 for 200usd to me is it worth it?

First you need to tackle the condensation issue this plate create. Have you watch lintech tip he use this and rate it bad to have

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watch what to mine and you see profitable or not. i have s9k get profit around 10usd per month as asic eat alot power

Didn’t Vosk just do a video about speculative mining with older hardware like the S9?

As a Newbie, I might pick one up - if I could get it on the cheap - just to play with it.

I got an S9/SE 17TH. This thing has put me though hell with the noise. I got the fan chip that allows fan changes. I’ll be sure to try these out.

Alright I finally got around to changing out the fan on my S9. I ordered Corsair AF120 led fan.But I noticed that the factory fan has 4 pins:

But the Corsair fan only has three pins:

So my question is does it matter what pins I use? Maybe I need a fan with four pins?


I finally had some time to swap out the fans.

It didn’t work. With the adapter for 3 to 4 pins, the fans spun but I don’t think its actually compatible. All my shares were rejected. I also got no stats for anything.

So I put my antminer back together and it works.

So maybe a true 4 pin fan is needed to make it work.

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