Bitmain KA3 Thoughts?


Just got wind of this:

Was wondering if anyone knows more about it and what they think.

Happy mining

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Game changer if it’s actually over 100T. Very curious to see watts for this miner.


If it is over 100 THs, that’s going to cause difficulty to sky rocket even faster that it has been recently - assuming Bitmain can produce them in quantity - and cause daily yield on all the Goldshell KD series miners to plummet.

It has the potential to be so much more efficient than a KD Max.


Will wipe out the Goldshell KDA miners just like the L7 wiped out Goldshells LTC and Doge miners. Bitmain ruins it for the little miners!


Yup. And now I know why KDA difficulty has been spiking up so much recently.

Plus, you know that this new KA3 is merely Bitmain’s opening salvo. Eventually they’ll have the Ka3 Pro, the KA3 Pro Hydro etc.


This is what scares me about mining, the releases of new and improved machines. I’m dreading the day the next machine to beat the L7 comes out. And I feel sorry for those who bought the KD5/6 at those insane $60,000 prices because now because the mining profitability will go down they may never see a return on investment (unless Bitmain hold the machines for a year after release!)

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I am interested in this newly released model. Looking forward to the online launch event on the 13th.

I was under the impression that Goldshell tends to push out new models faster. Not sure if I’m correct on this.

I guess we can all just hope that this will keep the price lower on these machines because they are competing with one another.

I currently have 2 kd boxes and 3 L7s with really no complaints for either company.

Rumored to be 136T @ 3554 watts $27000 November preorder


So at $0.12/kWh, it’d cost ~$10.20/day to run that rig. A KD Max generates ~$21.04/day in KDA at the time I’m typing this. Gross that up for the 136 THs of the KA3 vs 40.2 THs for the KD Max indicates that the KA3 would be generating (136 THs / 40.2 THs) x $21.04 = $71.08/day, less $10.20/day operating cost is roughly $61/day net yield.

If the $27k is true, then payback would be 442 days, which isn’t terrible and would be ok if we knew that the rate of change in the price of KDA would equal or better the rate at which difficulty will increase. But with the introduction of such powerful Kadena algo rigs by Bitmain, and Goldshell’s seeming propensity to introduce ever faster rigs at alarmingly short intervals, I believe that difficulty will continue to increase rapidly.

It’ll be a tough call to make. Crypto mining is an arms race, more so today than in the not too distant past.

I signed up for their launch event on 9/13 as it’ll be interesting to hear perspectives both from Bitmain as well as the Kadena team. Anyone interested in Kadena and considering a KDA rig investment probably should do the same if they can.


And if anyone wants perspective on how the KA3 does to the Goldshell KD series miners what the L7 did to Goldshell’s LT series miners, then see below


Wow…I totally want one.

sigh well now the box miners are dead with that , i bought a kd box in feb and i just feel cheated , i will never recoup the inital cost (yes there is always risk) , also have 1400 kda bought just from using a credit card , and tbh once i regain my kd box + cost of buying the 1400 kda at 2.4$ i will sell off and never go back, the pace the companies are pushing new miners is now pacing the difficulty to the point if you do not have the latest ones its not bloody worth it

Why do you need to have the newest machine, though? If you were happy with your machine before hearing there is a better one coming out, why would that change?

Sorry, I’m sure I’m just ignorant, as I’m just beginning this journey and began researching this mining process literally this morning. Lol I don’t even know what coins are good to mine :slight_smile:

@Acesfull909 You don’t have to but let’s just say for example there are 1000000 people mining with one machine each and each machine is mining at the same speed. I’m not sure what the kda rewards are so I’ll use Bitcoin as an example which is 6.25 Bitcoin to the miners per 10 minutes (I think) Then all of a sudden a new machine comes out and this machine works 3 times faster for the same power consumption. If the other 1000000 people buy this new machine and you don’t then basically you will earn 66% less ( I’m a bit of a spastic at math so sorry if that’s incorrect lol)

So if you were earning 30 cents/kWh of electricity before and then the above happened, you would then earn 10 cents/kWh. So then if your electricity rates above 10 cents then you’d be mining at a loss. This is very similar to what happened with litecoin mining, at least in my experience. Most machines produced at 1/mh to 1kwh ratio and then they released new machines that mined a 3/mh to 1/kWh ratio and I found my machines profitability dropped significantly, along with the market crash. This personally made me invest more money into generating my own electricity (solar + batteries) so I can mine through all market conditions with any kind of hardware. Hope that makes sense and I’m sure if some of my post is inaccurate then someone will correct me :slight_smile:

Interesting. So I was thinking I’d need solar cause california sucks the big ding dong. What would I need as far as solar setup for something large enough that I’d notice the added income?

Just my thoughts,
Solar you would need a huge array of solar panels. Current Tesla 400W panels are so called best on market, but in you calculations expect to lose about 25% efficiency between the panels and you inverter.
example, 28 x 400w = 11,200KW. Actual production at peak times 8200KW. approx $37,000 installed
example miner Bitmain S19J Pro 104Th uses 3068W. so for that 1 miner at peak daytime you need 11 panels per miner per peak daytime production.
then add on batteries$$$$$$

Just had this turn up in my mailbox:

$21K - but probably a scammer.

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Holy smokes! Watching the KA3 Zoom presentation. KA3 specs are 166 THs, 3154W, 19 J/TH. No mention of pricing yet.

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That will kill any other kd miner outthere but will take awhile for bitmain to deliver they must run them first just like the e9 and L7

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