Bought Goldshell KD-5 from BT-Miners

@Eddiford not big enough for mining,

9.36kW Roof Mounted Solar Array(36) Hanwha QCell 265 Watt Solar Modules(36) Solar Edge P300 Power Optimizers(1) Solar Edge SE10000A Inverter(2) Midnite Solar Surge Protectors-(1) AC & DC

I installed it back in 2016 and hadn’t had an electric bill till I started mining this year.

Even doubling the system won’t cover the electric for the mini farm I’m building but that’s how it goes

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after one day under a month, more than paid for.
If Kadena stays over $19/coin it really is paid for.
I have no plans to exchange the coin for cash at the moment.
I am hopeful after reading the White papers, seeing the crypto industry adoption, and how quickly the staking is filled after each opening.

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niceeeee! thanks man. I’m looking to increase my mining capabilities too. gotta find a warehouse hahaha

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Hey Guys, when do you think new miners will be available for purchasing? I see some websites are selling it but for 40k $ and more…

Well sir,
It really looks like this miner has paid for itself.

If this keeps up I’m off for the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

Hello my kd5 hashrate dropped at night to zero then after 5 hours hashrate increased again, i can see hardware error 6% since i truned on the unit, i have 1 kd5 and 4 kdbox, mining only 17 coins daily, is this okey?

I have 1 kd5 and 2 kd boxes and am getting about 17 coins a day. What does the bottom part of that graph show for each one of the boards in the kd5? A single board could be going bad. Just the kd5 alone should be fluctuating between 17-19 TH/s. Not a pro here at all just a lot of reading through these vosk pages.

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I contacted my vendor and they helped me troubleshoot my KD5 when I first turned it on.
For me, I changed my pool to the one with the lowest stratum ping and it’s been smooth sailing since.

I would recommend you email your vendor first, Goldshell second.