Brand New and Used Asic Miners for Sale - List for 1/2/2022

Hello everyone,

Payment methods are via cryptocurrency (ERC20: USDT, USDC and TRC20: USDT, USDC).

Prices are very competitive compared to other vendors. If you are a serious buyer and wish to proceed, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly through PM and/or text me at 725-400-5698.

Price is valid until 1/3/2022 3PM PST. China will be back from their holiday on 1/4/2022 .

Shipping fee is INCLUDED in the price!

Thank you all!

USA STOCK (Scheduled to ship out within 24 HOURS!)
Brand New Goldshell CK BOX 1.05Th: $1,150

SHA-256 Miners
Bitmain Antminer S19XP 140TH price is as follows:
$14,749 July, 2022
$13,149 August, 2022
$13,630 September, 2022
Antminer S19J Pro 100TH: $10,749 (January, 2022)
Antminer S19J Pro 100TH: $10,449 (February, 2022)

Scrypt Miners
Brand New Antminer L7 9.16Gh/s December Batch ,2021: $23,490 (Delivery is scheduled to take place on January, 2022)
Brand New Antminer L7 9.16Gh/s January Batch ,2022: $22,449 (Delivery is scheduled to take place on February, 2022)

Kadena Miners
Brand New Goldshell KD6 26.3TH: $45,750 (April, 2022)

(Scheduled to ship out within 6 - 10 days after order)
Eaglesong Miners
Brand New Goldshell CK6 19.3Th: $15,470 (180 Days Warranty)
SHA-256 Miners
Brand New Antminer S19j pro 104T: $11,779 (365 Days Warranty)
Brand New Avalon A1166pro 81Th: $6,348 (365 Days Warranty)
Brand New Avalon A1246 85Th: $7,294 (365 Days Warranty)

Hong Kong/Shenzhen IN STOCK (Scheduled to ship out within 3 - 5 days after order)
SHA-256 Miners
Promotion - Brand New Antminer S19A Pro 110T: $12,949 (365 Days Warranty)
Brand New Antminer S19j pro 96T: $10,910 (365 Days Warranty)
Brand New Antminer S19j pro 100T:$12,270 (365 Days Warranty)

EtHash Miners
Brand New Innosilicon A11 Pro 8G 1.5Gh/s: $27,570 (180 Days Warranty)

Scrypt Miners
Brand New Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.45Gh/s: $8,638 (180 Days Warranty)
Brand New Mini-Doge 185Mh/s: N/A

Eaglesong Miners
Brand New Goldshell CK5 12Th: $10,270 (180 Days Warranty)

Kadena Miners
Brand New Goldshell KD BOX 1.6Th: January, 2022. (No Price Yet)

Used Miners:

(Scheduled to ship out within 6 - 9 days after order)
Used Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro 96TH: $9,389 (6 month warranty left)
Used Bitmain Antminer S19 95TH: $8,430 (No Warranty)
Used Innosilicon A10 Pro 6G 720M: $12,110 (No Warranty)
Used Innosilicon A10 Pro 7G 720M: $12,970 (No Warranty)
Used Innosilicon A10 Pro 8G 720M: $13,678 (No Warranty)


I’m in the process of building a website because it seems many users out there like to label suppliers with no websites as scammers when there are plenty of websites run by scammers in this space. Anyway, keep an eye on I’m also going to accept payments via coinbase commerce. it’s coming soon…


How do you accept payment?

cryptocurrency for now. credit card payments may come in the future, but that is going to raise the price of all miners due to credit card processing fee.

Just a general question, why would credit card payments raise the price of all miners? Do I get a discount if I purchase with Crypto?

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Because credit card merchants charge a whopping 1-3 percent processing fees depending on your sales volume. That 3 percent charge would mean 3 percent decrease in revenue for the seller which would then be correlated with 3 percent increase to mitigate the loss

I understand passing on that cost to customers, and i understand the seller shouldn’t eat that. Maybe I misunderstood, I was thinking all prices would be raised by the cc price. So non cc prices should be cheaper…correct?

Yes, non CC would just pay the normal price.

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Awesome, that sounds fair!

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Glad to help out!

Huge Fan of VosCoin… for reasons like…
Don’t let companies like AK miner and all those silly people rip you off with inflating prices ridiculously.

I Guess… if you cant beat them join them, guess 20% profit would be fair, but no… lets take 50% plus.
CK6 is $10199 at Goldshell, I understand that it is not easy to secure sales, therefore 20% for securing it is fair… like $12200… BUT, $15470 ?
Come on guys, look out for our guys and don’t become greedy like the rest… we are all here to try and make it through these uncertain times.


Agreed I am having a horrible time finding miners in a decent price range. what sellers do not understand is that if you decrease your profit slightly you can make up for it in volume. Look at walmart why are they so successful when there is crappy products and customer service it is because of price the average % profit on each item is 20% now multiply that buy number of items sold. If you can bring that to market you will destroy all competition. People need to read Sam Walton’s book it is very simple and profitable business model.


The thing is that the supply chain is pretty long with asics. Goldshell sells a few miners direct and a lot more to buyers on a contract basis. The buyers pay upfront on a hedge that the coin will not collapse. Once delivery is made they sell at a markup to the initial resellers who then sell to direct customers. In order for someone to sell asics on small quantities and have a diverse offer they are required to purchase mid chain then handle the transaction on a one by one basis with me and you.

Compass, Blockware, and Wattum all contract purchase with Bitmain and can sell direct for lower markups for Bitcoin machines but they don’t have a diverse offer because of the capital and risk.

@cryptominernv has better landed prices than I can get from China. He isn’t gouging. I have not bought from him but in order to have the diverse offer sheet he has, he is forced to buy mid chain. Compare his price on the 104TH s19 to what you can buy direct from Bitmain and you will see that he is cheaper.

I think anyone should accept the additional 3% upfee you might charge for credit card fee since that little 3% upcharge PROTECTS your WHOLE purchase! Most people know that if you by anything with a credit card (va. buying with crypto) there is a built in protection from being scammed. It’s simple, if I buy from you with my Mastercard or Visa and you don’t ship, or you ship something OTHER than what was agreed on you can and will get your money back if you do the simple things like starting a credit card dispute, starting a chargeback, etc. If you buy ANYTHING with crypto there is NO protection whatsoever. Bye Bye crypto…no recourse

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I’d like to confidently buy stuff in bulk but every accusation and defensive post makes me even more skeptical than less. Im to the point that I’d take my chances ordering from China directly with no recourse. So far I’ve just been ordering through newegg hoping they have my back if the seller doesn’t but even that’s probably misguided… I do think that 30 to 50 percent markup for “having a connection” is a bit nuts… to place an order for me but I still put up all the $ and take all the risk seems outlandish. I wouldn’t mind if I could pay using visa or say… put a 25 percent dp on a bulk order to get things rolling… in the end it’s just a matter of time before someone scams us all based on what I read every day here…

That 3 percent is a fee the credit card processing company takes. I don’t see that money…

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Tell me where you see the 30-50 percent mark up. If you’re referring to ck6, go find a supplier and see for yourself how much they would charge you for that same exact machine

Of course… its not the 3 percent that’s the rub it’s 1000s of dollars in markup that deters some folks… and like myself most here stumbled in are noobs and don’t trust paying with crypto yet let’s be real… u don’t anyhow… I just ordered so.ething from bigsky… guess I’ll see myself if it comes!


I never charge my customers 1000s of dollars in mark up. It was your decision to go with bigskyasics because you felt comfortable. If you feel safe by paying thousands of dollars in extra, then it is what it is. People pay different prices for virtually everything on daily basis

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Not specifically you but 25 percent easy from a lot of resellers… like I said I get it… but I’d be equally willing to take a flyer on some other site too… im sure the 3 ppl who resell predominantly here are trying to be legit, reputable and accountable but there’s too many variables to run a reseller business without ever having hiccups and when you sell to noobs were going to be difficult clients… let’s be honest about it