Building a Bitcoin Mining Shed!

I am converting an amish shed into a Bitcoin mining farm, but why?! Mining BTC is a great way to earn passive income, and shipping containers have become very expensive so hopefully, this Bitcoin mining shed is the best ROI. Subscribe to VoskCoin!

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I built my first cryptocurrency mining shed years ago, but now I am trying to make a 2.0 bitcoin mining shed and eventually power it with solar panels! With the new and improved Mining Shed 2.0 built and almost ready, it’s time to start planning the 2 most important parts of a mining farm: miner layout and airflow. Today I’ll go through my plans and thought process behind building out this huge 100 Acre Bitcoin mining farm during a bear market that will hopefully be the best cryptocurrency investment of my life… or uh… worst lol

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00:00 Help build the VoskCoin Mining Shed 2.0!
01:59 Optimizing air flow for the Mining Shed
03:00 The inside of the Mining Shed 2.0
04:13 Simple and effective passive income
05:25 Getting electricity for crypto mining
07:00 A trailer park for miners?
08:00 Temperature and mining efficiency effects
11:00 What do you think is a good way to mine?

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Building a Bitcoin Mining Shed!

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