Building a GPU Mining Rig for $1,000 in 2020 - BUILD LIST!

Build list for a $1,000 GPU mining rig in 2020!


Criteria for this GPU mining build was to build the best GPU mining rig that we could, with new parts (warranty), mine any coins (Nvidia), and be a compact build that could double as a gaming PC or workstation!

►Download links!
Download the Coinfly OS, a GPU and ASIC mining software!
Want to just mine to the Coinfly Ethereum pool? Link ->

Or you could install Windows 10, watch our Windows GPU mining rig build here.

Or are you an old-time fan of Simple Miner smOS? Get it here.

Top used mining hardware for sale links!
Used 1070 TI for sale -
Used 1080 TI for sale -
Used Rx470 for sale -
Used Rx570 for sale -
Used EVGA 1600w PSU -
Used intel G3900 -
Used Gigabyte z270p-d3 -
Used Asus 270 mobo -
Used 120mm rig fans -

Full NEW GPU+CPU Mining Rig Build Parts List w/ Options

► GPU Nvidia 1660 super AMD 5700 XT

► CPU Ryzen 3 3200g Ryzen 1700

► Motherboard Mobo Gigabyte B450M

► Power Supply PSU Thermaltake 850w RGB Gold EVGA 1600w EVGA 1200w

► RAM Crucial Ballistix RGB 3200 mhz 16gb (8x2) Corsair 2x 4gb Corsair 1x 4gb

► Hard Drive 500gb SATA SSD (any) M.2 SSD Cheaper smaller M.2 SSD

► GPU Mining Rig Frame Shelf or Case Compact gaming/mining rig case shown Amazon Shelf Cooler rig frame alt. Cheaper rig frame alt.

► Power Switch ATX power switch options

► PCIE Risers (optional)

► Wifi Adapter (optional, could use ethernet) Panda wifi

► USB for Windows install Sandisk 16gb USB 32gb Lexar Windows 10 USB w/ key

► Windows 10 Key (optional) USB pref.

► Zip-Ties (optional) bundle

► M.2 screwdriver (optional)

► Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard (optional) Wireless mouse + keyboard ASUS monitor

►Power usage monitor smart plug (optional) Wemo plug

► PCIE Splitter (optional) Make sure 8 pin not 6 pin

Want to know how to put all of these together?! Well all you have to do is simply watch our video guide! If you still have any questions simply comment on YouTube or preferably reply right here on VoskCoinTalk the best cryptocurrency forum in the world, especially for miners!


This! now hopefully i can add another 1070 to my existing dell XPS!
would a 450W or whatev is std on the dell PC, can i add another 1070 ?

Thanks Vosk. I am building the same. Will cost more than $1000 but I will share the photos when done.

it wouldn’t be safe to run 2 GPUs on a 450w PSU, especially at 120v

What parts are you using and total build cost? looking forward to the photos!

Hey Vosk,

So it has been a learning curve. I followed your guide but made a few changes. It will be my pc, occasional gaming, and full-time eth mining (unless I game)
Got a different power source, 850watts. Went for 32GB RAM. 500GB M2 SSD, same mobo but with WIFI.
Then I went for a 5600XT as I thought they were the same size as a 1660super but more expensive and way better for mining eth. In the end, a 1660 super is 2 wide and my asus 5600xt is 2.7 wide.

I didn’t notice, until I was viewing the video while building mine, that you don’t have the case connections connected as there is no room.

If I changed to slimmer gpus, would there be a solution to be able to have all the USB 3, audio, and power and reset buttons connected.

Hello and thanks for the info, I’m thinking of making an equal pc to mine but the price per KW where I live is 0.1755 €/Kw. What is the cost of this configuration in KW? Will it still be profitable?

Thanks Vosk.

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Hi Vosk ,

the second graphic card doesn’t fit , how can I solve it?

the pc case cables can not be plugged in if the second graphic card is in or vice versa.


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Awesome video, thanks! We’re trying to build this rig but we’re stuck on the GPU. Looks like the one’s you used and recommend are not available, wondering if you have an updated recommendation. If not, would the 2 fan version work/fit with the same tower you used? Thanks!!!

Is this still a reliable build in February 2021? If not is there a similar $1000 build? Or budget build. Is it ok to ask the rate at which it mines coins? I’m really new to this but I’m an experienced pc builder so I hope I can do this myself.

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Wondering the same. Hoping he’ll get notification that this thread is still active. Wondering if there’s another way to contact him.

Yes, the actual build is still fine… except, good luck finding video cards that cheap anymore. Right now everything is highly profitable, and GPU prices are through the roof :frowning: So, this may be more than $1,000 now.

Just wondering, I’m getting ready to build this in the next couple days. Ordering the parts. About how much ETH is this particular mining rig doing daily? Thank you.

That is what I want to find out as well. What is the ROI on this build?

Hi @jespana,

You can use for example the ROI from minerstat - Crypto mining ROI calculator, you only need to know how much you paid for the hardware the amount of watts consumption, the cost for kWh and the hash rate of each GPU…

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got any new update on how to build gpu mining rig 2021

as of April 25th 2021 : 2.16 US $/day (with ONLY one GPU, because can’t find a reasonably price other one)

I’m completely new to this but ready to learn. Ur list on some items has more than 1 link. Do I need just 1 of the parts listed under each category?

It depends on the part… the multiple links were to multiple sources. If you are doing GPU mining, ideally you want multiple GPUs. The prices on things are MUCH higher now than they were when this was posted originally, since crypto is so much more profitable to mine at the moment. But, for things like mother board, hard drive, RAM, and power switch you really only need one in most cases.

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