Can someone help me start my first experience with mining? Starting with 10.000€

Hello everyone, my name is Helder Gonçalves

I am new in here but i follow Voskcoin a long time,
I’m afraid to start mining because I’m taking risks, can you guys help, where do I start and what is the safest way, I’m starting with an investment of 10,000€.

My electric cost is 0,1389 € for kwh, and my power board is 3.45 kva
I live in Portugal

all help will be appreciated.

A quick intro would be to buy the Bobcat type miners, there not “real” miners but cheep, and good enough to get your feet wet. Hope this was a help.

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I’m studying this subject and it seems quite interesting, in addition to hellium what would you recommend too? thanks

Goldshell and their mini miners but buy some bitcoin first coz they only accept crypto payments

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thank you, but i haven’t found any available for sale, can’t you recommend an alternative? thanks again

Coin mining central is a reseller, a little expensive if you’re in a hurry

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Do you think one goldshell hS5 would be fine?thank you

And two botcat 300 ?

It’s really up to you @Helder_Goncalves but I would say try 1x HS5, 1 x mini dodge miner and 1 x bobcat.

This way you are mining the sia, hnt and with the mini dodge you can do both LTC and dodge.

If you really wanna go crazy also throw in a S19 pro will really diversify your portfolio with BTC too.

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with the z19 pro I blow my budget, but I appreciate the help ;), do you think it’s the best I don’t have better alternatives?

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@Helder_Goncalves ‘best’ is subjective and who knows how the market will trend tomorrow. Keep a diversified portfolio and enjoy the journey.

I’m just starting out too and with almost same budget. Here’s what I did.

Buy BTC or ETH. Get you money to an exchange. Most places only take crypto, and it takes a few days to transfer from fiat.
Subscribe to Goldshell website. They send out emails when they around about to list products. Buying from them is the cheapest you will get any hardware. Just sit and wait until they list products.

Have your mind made up and don’t hesitate when you see a deal you like. Things move fast in this market. But obviously have your homework done. Know which sites are reputable and what prices are good.

Look for under a year ROI. This is usually the benchmark most sites set their prices around.
Be ready to have the machines run. They are loud and hot and take a lot of power. Know where you will put them, and which outlets you will use and how to deal with the heat and noise.

The prices will fluctuate with the market so jump in once you feel comfortable!
My plan was to buy 1 miner that was most of my capitol, and a few small ones with the rest of my money. And have a few different coins to mine.

I got S19j pro 100th, Z15, L3+, and 4 goldshell box.

Good Luck!!!


I liked your answer, this is what i did, tell what you think.
I bought One boobcat miner 300, and onde antminer Z15, and that was almost my budget just the machine took me 7820,95€ i bough the from Italy.

I already have 2 GPU mining etherium , i plan to buy more gpu im interested um just like 5 gtx1070 … And for now its my plan, what you think?

Thanks for your answer, waitting for reply.

sounds good man!

Don’t forget a plan for selling your coins or holding them or whatever. Remember certain sites offer high interest to keep your coins.

Thank you man,
For now im using nicehash, i withdraw to coinbase exgange btc to EUR then transfer to my Bank, do you think that is the better way?

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Well, considering that crypto’s goal is decentralization (among many others), you probably want to hold on to your coins, trade them (learn about different ones and their potential), stake them to earn better interest that any “monopoly money” bank can offer. Cashing out immediately seems like the opposite of what the cryptocurrency is all about :wink:


Thanks :wink:

It seems like there should be an easier way…

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Can you help with that? Please @KBB

I m not sure how to post but when is the next batch going to be available ?