Ck5 quantity per day

How many Ckb does a Ck5 do per day?

Someone is telling me 1500-1800 per day.

I’m getting 1350- 1500 with one ck5 AND one ckbox.

That’s is with dxpool

Last 5 days with F2Pool -

…with 1 CK5

Looks like it’s time to try f2pool…

I am thinking the same, my dxpool earnings have been dropping for the one ck box I have. I just switched back to .com from .net to see if that makes any difference. I will give it 2 days and if not back to where it was I will be trying a different pool.


Dxpool sucks for both kd and ck box. Too much rejection. Kd box recent update didn’t make any difference as far as performance goes with dxpool. I’m back on f2pool for ck and poolflare for kd

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How many Ckb on F2pool per day with your Ck box?

I have a ck5 on f2 pool and it got 1200 today and a ck box on dx pool got 107.
Honestly, Ive been a little disappointed. I think I am going to try poolin next.
Switching from dxpool to f2pool didn’t seem to make any difference for me.

It’s been dropping for weeks from 135+ to now about 115. I’ve only been using f2pool

This is for a CK box

I hear ya…it jumps around day-to-day. My experience is the results will fluctuate. I think it’s tough moving from one pool to the next without a longer sample to average your daily revenue and then compare. Also look at network difficulty over the time using each pool etc. Hope you find lots of CKB!

4 CK Boxes here on Poolin

Averaging about 110 per day

I think there was a difficultly increase. Check around the 1st week of dec. My CK boxes avg went from 130 ish to 110-115 ish. A 10% drop on f2pool. Not sure on the other pools.

Which plugs will I need for a CK5? I just ordered one. I’m in the USA.

I cut the chinese cord end off and put an L6-20p on that matched the L6-20 receptacle I put in for it. @zilina helped me out with the wiring. blue and brown are hot

you could also get a pdu and the c19 to c20 cord. thats more expensive and unnecessary

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you order your CK5 from?

Curious on what your rate is nowadays on the CK-5? Ordered one last week.