Ckb mining pool

Hey everyone, I have a ck box showing up next week and I am just curios what pools everyone mines to for that. I saw a Vosk video where he said dxpool was the way to go, but the video is several months old (not sure if anything has changed). I am currently mining to litecoinpool for my mini doge, then sending that to blockfi, but can’t do that with ckb. Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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I’ve heard f2pool is good for the US. It’s what I’ll be using when I get mine up and running


I started with f2pool, I am using dxpool currently, it seems like I am getting lower rejection rates

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So what are you mining today?

I have been on DXPool and am wondering if I could be more profitable elsewhere.

On DX I am pulling 130-132 a day - per CK Box.
What are you seeing on your pools?

I’m on DX pool, and I am averaging around 129 a day over the past week.

Ok, same. Few weeks ago I was getting 150 - I figure it’s just the increase in miners. But wondering if people are scoring better at other pools.

I’m looking into the CK5. Anybody using one? How many ckb per day on average? Thx

Started up the ck5 last week. Was mining over 1400ckb per day. Now over 1300 ckb per day. However, ckb price is increasing so still very profitable.

Thx, what pool are you using? I think I’m going to set mine up on dxpool

I’m on Poolin and I am not having issues at all. Since the first day. Haven’t tried DX yet. F2Pool is also good for my mini doge :clock3:

Using dxpool. Tried f2pool but rejection rate was bad so I stuck with dxpool.

I switched over to 2miners when dxpool went down. Have stayed there a couple of days. Getting 277ckb a day on 2 ck box miners. Only bad thing is app is clunky and payout threshold is 500 but might stay there for a week or so and see how it does.


There is no way to tell until you try it out on each mining pool. My testing show I mine best with f2pool, around 2.5% rejection

I do about 1.8% rejection rate with f2pool. Averaging about 132 per day.

Just a clarification, 135 ckb per day, 2.5% rejection on f2pool, using hashrate mode. all in all, pretty close to spec. dxpool for me had 7-9% rejection.

Annnd it’s down today… I spoke too soon :joy:

Luck of the draw. Side note, anyone using NexisDao yet?

I’ve been using DxPool with my CK5 for 2.5 weeks and getting 1400-1500 CKB daily. They’re deposited to my wallet automatically after the account settles. Dxpool has an alternate site. When setting up the pool in the miner, change the .com to .net. They reported that on their Twitter.

I’m sure it’s just a typo, but it should be .net, not .bet

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I just got my ck5 up tonight. I’ve now got the ck5 and a ckbox. What reject rates are “normal”?