Coin Mining Central (legit or scam?)

Hi guys

I have some serious doubt coming up regarding Coin Mining Central. @coinminingcentral

So I ordered an INNOSILICON A10 PRO+ 7GB ETH MINER (750MH/S), 7 days used it said, at Coin Mining Central here:

That was 6 days ago.
Order #4284
Full amount of £ 9’599.00, incl. shipping, wire transferred. As they seem legit…

Since then, I have not heard anything from them. No email order confirmation, no replies to my emails and what is most worrying; on my CMC account it says “You haven’t placed any orders yet.”

So now my question is obvious, is this company legit? Or do I have to start chasing my money down now, start warning folks about this company and launch update the reviews about them?

Thanks for opinions on this.

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Not even a tracking #? I thought they were legit,they send vosk miners I thought. I coulda swear that I saw a video of him thanking them for sending test and review miners. I can;t send my money without using a credit card and alibaba is only one that takes them. Chinese sellers only…

Hi Urs,

As confirmed to you via email your payment has been received and is currently being processed for delivery. We expect the order to be shipped out this week. Apologise for the delay in response we are currently dealing with 1000’s of clients and doing our best to respond to everyone quickly.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Kind Regards

Coin Mining Central

Please let us know if you’ve finally received your miner? I am considering the Innosilicon A11 also.


Did you ever receive your miner? I placed my order 6 days ago and it hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Hi. Yes, I did receive the miner with a couple of weeks delay, directly from China. It was clearly used (abused) for quite some time before it arrived here, with scratches on the shell and screws loose, had to replace a fan, … But it’s up and running on the newest firmware with no faults now. Of course, ROI is questionable due to EIP 1559 removing the asic’s … good luck all :slight_smile:

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I recieved mine and the power supply made a pop noise and smells like smoke as well! I will be having to buy a new power supply

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you can post pictures here and request direct support from @coinminingcentral

same w/ you @BERNARD_PRENGER

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Wow… that has gotta be a reputation killer for @coinminingcentral . Looks like they need to change supplier or give up selling used units.
Thanks for the info and posting the pics… I am sorrry they did this to you. Hope you can get it working

What happened with these scenarios? I’m looking to buy a miner from @coinminingcentral but seeing conflicting customer reviews on forums.

That’s an abused unit. Why sell that ?

@WAMiner I don’t know that is what I recieved from @coinminingcentral. I had to buy a new power supply after I recieved it to get it running. It is running now. I guess I learned my lesson from buying an older miner.

Most likely X mining farm contacted them and showed them good looking used stock, and then they sold say 1000 units and the X farm shipped out units in awful condition they had to make more money w/ the used hardware sale – it’s not uncommon AT ALL for china farms to pull stuff like this, same w/ russian farms – This isn’t some sort of racist statement btw, you just cant get away w/ BS like that in the USA generally, CA is pretty good too

Does @coinminingcentral still accept PayPal? I’d seen a few comments saying they did, and the google search result mentions they do, but when you click the page there’s no mention of it. Only bank transfer and crypto.

Look, just some advice, don’t buy used units!!
I put in an order @ on Sunday night 4/3. I received an immediate confirmation of payment via email. I also received immediate response ( 1 day ) for a question I had about shipping. So far this company is by far the best I’ve dealt with as far as communication. It’s busy and we’re it the midst of the biggest bull run of all time. Be patient. They WILL come through for you.

IIRC they used to, but not anymore.

They used to be good??

Are you saying I should be worried now? :joy::joy:

was replying regarding paypal payments lol