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Hello people,

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this. But i have placed an order for z15 with coinminingcentral. I dealt with them before once qnd they were good. However, when i placed the order this time the money got transferred after their wallet got expired “litecoin” been sending them emails but no luck its been 2 days now or 3 since friday night. Any idea if the money is lost?!

What do you mean by “got expired “litecoin””? Did it actually send or no?

The hour hour window for the wallet expired i guess! As i accidently pressed refresh!!! The amount IS in the wallet when i check

So, if it’s in your wallet and the transaction expired… then you never actually paid, right?

Its in the wallet that they showed me at the end if the order

so… where does it say “expired”? That’s the part I find confusing.

I dont know!!! Dont thet give you an hour to make the payment?! Because the next time i tried it was a different wallet! Qnd my order was not fulfilled

Something similar happened to me. I placed an order and sent the BTC payment but the fee wasn’t included in my payment so I slightly underpaid and now I am not able to get any response from coinminingcentral and its been 4 days. I know they are reading my emails because I use a email tracker and I get a confirm when it is read. So I’m not sure where to go from here.

Gavin did reply yesterday! I replied back inmediately but no answer!!! They used to have online chat it used to be much easier. Dont they have phone number?! I will call them up if possible

I have 3 machines in order from then and I moving address. Still missing a miner from the March batch even though I had the same miner from a March batch from a different supplier turn up. Got a bad feeling about this. Emailed 4 times zero response. I would stop recommending them voskcoin

Hopefully @VoskCoin will step up to the plate for you guys being that we all heard of CMC through him.

I hope so as it reflects badly on him. Love the content but now makes me uneasy

I ordered a Z15 April 5. It’ll be here tomorrow!!
I just went ahead and ordered an LB1. My point is they’re busy. I too sent an email the for the first order with a few questions. It did take 3-4 days to get back to me, but they did!! It’s very very busy guys. It also stated 3-5 day worldwide delivery, it actually took 7. All in all I’m happy with and am a customer for life!! Hope this helps ease your anxiety✌🏼

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Actually it’s already been delivered!! Easiest ASIC purchase I’ve ever made!! I’m pretty confide they’ll make things right for you. I know it sucks, but just give it some time. Please update us on the ongoing situation.


No no i ordered from them m31++. I just got worries cause they reply ever few days once. They promised me the refund. They once refunded qnd once delivered, its just that i need the money to atleast trade with it!

Ahhh I see. Hope it all works out for you. Please let me know. I would love to know how they handle mishaps. Because they are going to happen from time to time. Good luck and please keep us posted :v:t3:

They got back to me after the 5th email and it looks like it might be a legitimate email error. I know everyone says that but looking at it on gmail I think it sent mine to spam. Back in contact now. I’ve had one delivered from them (used great condition) before the radio silence/email error so they do deliver. I’ll update when I get my other ones. Just wanting to set the record straight that it may have been a simple error.

Had a feeling. These guys are first class all around! Every company has a hiccup or 2, it’s how they handle it is what really matters. Glad everything worked out✌🏼

Everyone is incredibly swamped right now, I’ll email them this thread

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