COINMININGCENTRAL selling miners too expensive for me

Dear VOSKCOIN, hope you ve been watching Nervos coin difficulty these last few days, hopefully for us difficulty started decreasing for once…Thanks from all miners as me who purchased an Antminer K5, I got it 3 weeks ago, when profitability was still at 50 usd / day and paid only 1299 usd for it, By the way I ve found a great Chinese’s compagny totally legit & trustfull which sells all kinds of brand new miners 30-40% less expensive than Coinminingcentral as TODEK, BITMAIN, HUMER, WHATSMINER, CANAAN, AVALON, HASHALTCOIN (BLACKMINERS), and many many more, new S19 Pro 110 TH/S cost 2800 usd, also brand new Whatsminer M31s+ 112TH/S price is 2190usd, and new batch Antminer B7 629 usd, the next big come out in June is the asicminer mining HNS (Handshake) which are mostly mined by Fpgas for now, Humer H1 mines 20 faster than Fpga til 80GH/S. I got it for 1390 usd. To start a daily profit of 60-70 usd (Profit will drop of course as difficulty will increase once asic will be sold in the market)
Just for you to know they are right selling since 2 weeks also Toddminer C1 pro 3TH/S Daily profit is around 25-28 usd, miner’s price is 3390 usd…Or Chinese Yuan…They accept Paypal and Trade assurance…

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That’s great and all but it’d be pretty helpful if you included the site?


Sounds like alibaba. Certainly a good resource.

Can Alibaba be trusted for mining hardware?

Alibaba is an awful resource in our experience, we’ve been scammed with no delivery or with delivery of fake items.

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That’s a good question. My experience has been better there than most places in this industry. Seller reviews can help.

I used to do some drop shipping on Alibaba/aliexpress and if they can’t get a pair of socks right I wouldn’t trust them with any sort of hardware, especially something that could possibly cause a fire if manufactured/handled improperly.

My miner is on the way from Alibaba,they send you test video if you ask,only thing is you have to " BUY " from CHINESE,no other country except the few that are named on Alibaba Trade Assurance Page. Other countries will try to get your wechatt or whattsapp and try to sell to you outside,be very very carefull,you have no assurance you will get what you paid for. I paid like $3800 for my c1 pro shipped,trade assurance,taxes,all.
Sunny Song
You can pay with credit card. Next be patient,When dealing with Chinese dealers you have to understand that their prices rise and lower each day,at least I was told that by several Alibaba suppliers. But when they first give you a price,if you love it jump on it,if you wait that gives them the chance to say price went up,another thing is if they try to ask you for more other then shipping and then later trade assurance,don’t go for it. the supplier only has an allotted amount of days to ship the product out so you can ask Alibaba for a refund. But stick with Chinese my advice,and if you run across any g32-500 or 1800,its a fake ad,all Chinese suppliers say it wasn’t manufactured and the only people who tell you they have it will not sell you on alibaba,run when they say this. Hope this helps,I will take a picture and post(when I find out how) it when it arrives.
Let me remind all that my miner isn’t here yet so this supplier is still in limbo. It is in transit but I can’t say its in my hands yet,so if your thinking of using Sonny,please wait to make sure this is all legit.

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Speaking of grin miners has anyone received a refund from Innosilicon yet? I am still waiting for my £2K…

to upload a picture use the buttons above where you type your reply it looks like this

Of course you must look for a Good old (minimum 4-5 years) Gold supplier with a alibaba website and 5 stars…

Didnt get anything yet

Here is the company got today another A10 master 5g:

Hangreat technology Co Ltd

Can you include direct links?

Also can you please name your source for the antminer k5 you purchased and received early?

Ask for Kristen she’s the best and she knows everything about mining technology better than me!!!You can find her phone number on Alibaba HANGREAT website…

Hangreat technology Co Ltd

Is this what you’re referencing?

BTW I don’t waste my time and money on Alibaba, I have never had a good transaction.

KRISTEN from HANGREAT whats app number you can call her you tell you come from STEPHANE/SWITZERLAND because we talk everyday together…

+86 134 1864 6741 (but K5 price went up these last few days)

I can show you the picture of miners I bought there with contracts if you need iIupload everything…It’s up to you but I assure they are totally clean & Legit they will even repair my A10 masterr4g upgrade to 5g, feel free to ask me and I get everything ready…

sure please share pictures and screenshots here

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