COTX Helium Hotspot Miner Review - The HNT Miner That Was BANNED?!

COTX Helium Hotspot Miner Review - The HNT Miner That Was BANNED?! Helium HNT mining is the most profitable cryptocurrency mining in 2022 and COTX was trying to maximize their HNT miners profitability but Helium and DEWI banned them?! Buy the BEST Helium miner ASAP here -

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COTX is manufacturing and selling thousands of Helium Hotspot miners but they were banned from onboarding any more HNT mining rigs however the ban is not permanent which means they should be manufacturing a ton of units to sell right now! COTX X3 is their indoor Helium hotspot miner and the COTX X5 is their outdoor Helium hotspot miner. Let’s review these new HNT mining rigs, HNT mining profitability, and how to buy the COTX Helium miner, and if buying an HNT mining rig is even still worth it?!

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02:10 Helium mining in 2022
03:20 COTX hotspot suspension!
05:29 Buying a Helium miner in 2022
07:15 COTX-X3 miner specs
10:14 COTX-X5 outdoor miner specs
11:56 Should you buy a COTX Helium miner?
14:33 Parrots Fight Club is building an NFT P2E fighting game!
16:33 VoskCoin COTX Helium hotspot review

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COTX Helium Hotspot Miner Review - The HNT Miner That Was BANNED?!

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