Crypto Mining Farm Electricity - When Will I Start Mining Bitcoins?!

Finally making some progress on the electricity installation for the new VoskCoin Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm Shed. I am working on expanding my mining farm with a dedicated mining shipping container that’s fully customized for cryptocurrency mining and working towards solar powering the mining rigs eventually. Subscribe -

Watch the full journey building out my mining farm here (playlist) -

After mining with my dying gaming laptop, and then trying out a GPU mining rig I was absolutely hooked on mining. My dream has been to build a big Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm that is eventually entirely powered by green energy, solar power to be precise. Building a mining farm has been a treacherous journey, but the VoskCoin mining shed 3.0 is getting closer with electricity going in finally! I am also planning for expansion already, with a dedicated customized shipping container built entirely for mining cryptocurrencies with air-cooled mining rigs.

Have some input on the Mining Shed and Solar Farm? Help Us Build the Mining Shed 2.0!
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My plans for electricity within the crypto mining shed - Designing Electricity for a Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm - YouTube

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Another day on the crypto mining farm
02:18 A custom mining container!
03:40 The mining shed now with a electric station
04:50 Drawing energy from the grid and solar panels
05:40 Immersion and hydro ASIC cooling?
07:10 From small to medium scale mining farm
08:15 Market conditions are not looking great
09:37 Almost ready for mining!
11:07 Trying to survive and pushing forward
11:56 What is the future for VoskCoin HQ?

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Crypto Mining Farm Electricity - When Will I Start Mining Bitcoins?!