Different GPU's one same rig?

I’ve got an old computer with a RX 570 Nitro+ 8GB that has become a more or less full time mining pc. I’ve also come across a RX570 8GB (not Nitro+) that I can get for about $25, which I think is a good price. Question though, will these work together on the same computer? In case yes, what GPU’s are possible to mine with on the same motherboard? All AMD’s?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, if your not mixing Nvidia and AMD, it should be pretty straightforward to just plug them into the same motherboard and have them work.

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you can mine with both gpu nvidia,amd on same mobo just some mining os not working with mixed gpu

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When you’re saying “mixed gpu”, do you mean they need to be same brand (manufacturer), same model, same type (nvidia/amd)? How far apart can two cards be to still not be counted as “mixed”?

mixed cards is amd and nvidia on same mobo like rx580 with nvidia 1080 its called mixed rig if you use just amd or just nvidia it dont mater with model you use like rx570 or 5700 its still same amd or nvidia

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Cool, thanks!

question: how do I OC mixed cards if I am using SMOS ?
Just got my 2 1660 Ti’s delivered! having them go on my existing rig with 4 1070’s. Currently mining Eth using Ethminer via SMOS.
SMOS (from what I know) can OC the group as a whole. How do i fix this? I want to OC my 1660 Ti’s while keeping the current OC settings for my 1070’s the same.

Adding pic with PSU question for risers. Had SATA but gotten rid of those. Just got the two new cards and a few extenders.
Yes, i need to clean my fans :stuck_out_tongue:

no you cant add spliters to power up risers , second if you burn sata is means you running to high overclock setting or connecting to many risers on single wire your gpus draw alot power from sata

Thanks. I plugged it in and its running. Is this bad? I have two Y splitter cables to each of the daisy chained power cord outlet.

ofcorse its bad you power up 2x card plus 2x riser with single wire! you wanna to make fire? per wire you can plug 2x gpu if it run in total less of 200watt or 1x gpu 1x riser. dont play like this run properly as shut be and buy one more psu or buy more powerful psu. im not surprize now why you burn sata connector as you everything over load

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you know riser can draw up to 70watt per riser? let say riser draw 70 2x70=140watt just riser plus gpu let say 120watt 2x 120= 240+140=380watt from single wire plus i 100% sure you dont running just 2x dpu 2x riser on single psu its completely hazard as 8pin pcie maximum 288watt for safe use 6 pin 216 watt for safe use, sata 54watt, molex 136watt, before do some dangerous ideas as owners why mining more of 1year many of old miners have burned sata pcie connectors ass overloading

Thanks for your feed back. still learning these things.
I have a 1200 W PSU and it only has 4 X 8 pin PCI-Express. and 4 peripheral 6 pin connection. Its a Rosewill 1200W psu.
The Sata cables i had which were connected to the peripherals section of PSU was burnt at the PSU level (out of the six little pins, one melted). This happened with 3 different cables.
I took your advice, and now have:
1 8pin PCI-E cable to 2 GPU’s for a total of 2 PCI-E to 4 GPU’s.
1 8 pin PCI-E cable to 2 Risers for a total of 2 PCI-E to 4 Risers.

I now have two cards not being used. Any advise from anyone on how i can get the other two GPU’s powered? i tried looking through many video’s but what i have is a riser with no molex and a single 6 pin point. Bought a corsair 6 pin to sata but that 6 pin is a type 4 and doesn’t go into my PSU’s peripheral slot. stuck now.

picture of burnt peripheral 6pin to sata.
have 3 of these guys taht were burnt out. Now i dont know what to buy as a replacement. Can’t find the cable that will match my PSU.

buy just plug and crimping be shelf. melting as you overload i use just for 2 gpu or gpu plus riser best way buy asic s9 psu and power up riser with one psu you can power up 12x riser and still you have spare watts plus psu very cheap even if you have all gpu with 6pin you can power up 12x gpu with one psu if you power up atx psu for risers :slight_smile: i use asic psu if i mining rvn on rvn sata very hot

reason why i dont buy modular psu as in case burn plug hard to replace non modular just solder new wires and run again

So I can add https://www.newegg.com/p/1HU-004W-003X8?Description=mining%20power%20supply&cm_re=mining_power%20supply--9SIA7GT7942096--Product and power 6 risers while the existing modular psu can power the GPU’s.

@Asiukas6 I got my server PSU and now have all 6 GPU’s running. Prolly can fit 2 more but will wait for those gpu’s/
Does this look good? I have the Server power supply powered directly to the socket instead of from the motherboard. 4 cables= 2X6 pin for risers, 2X8 pin directly to power 1070. This is a 750W unit so it should be fine i think.

This is awesome

Going back to the original question. I decided to buy a new GPU “anytime I find a bargain” and now have two 570’s and a 5700. Until now I have used NiceHash OS, which has been working fine, but I’d like to try something new. It seems SMOS won’t work due to different OS version for 570 and 5700. I’m fairly open, but have a few criteria:

  • It should be free for one rig (or at least cheap)
  • It should be bootable from USB (i don’t have any other storage available)
  • I should be able to boot and control it from another pc (no screen available)

What would you suggest? Hive? Minerstat? ethOS? Any other?

minerstat 1 rig is free and you can boot from 16gb usb stick but recommended using 32gb ssd, for minerstat you dont need monitor actual monitor screen you can see vea ip address if you need, controlling vea any other pc or tablet plus stats on phone app