Does it make sense to buy an Antminer L3+ now?

This miner is in my price/profitability range and I am planning to buy it second hand. Does it make sense or it is too out of date? Any other recommendation within this price range?


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If you lookup profitability using and then search for L3 you get a couple of the plus series. Using the default $0.12/kwh you would be clearing about $3.00/day. If your cost per kwh is higher you will clear less. You can enter your cost per kwh at the bottom of the page. (I pay about 0.28/kwh which would lose about 0.50 per day. No bueno.)

So, you need to find out how much it will cost you to run per day, consider volatility of the coin, and how much you are spending to acquire the machine and how long you estimate it will be until you pay the machine off so you can begin to make a profit. Also consider that as time goes on the difficulty of mining goes up and requires increased hash rate for the same return.


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Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, I was aware of that site and, indeed, i pay around 0,20 usd per kwh. However, my question is more oriented to the piece of equipment itself. how long does a l3+ last for? I would buy this second hand and not sure if it will last for 2, 3 or less years.


@cryptominernv has two for sale in another thread on this forum. I don’t know him personally but he posts a lot and seems like a good and knowledgable guy. He might be a good source to ask. Good luck.


Thanks for the mention FirePig. I guess it all depends on how well you take care of your miner and its surroundings. Check out my post and let me know if you may be interested!

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Because we are buying an electronic device, we have to always keep in mind that there may be a possibility of our miners going bad. My honest opinion is if you can, you always want to buy something new because the probability of that miner to stop working would be extremely low. However, I have not seen a single antminer l3+ that is brand new. There are always refurbished ones, but coming across brand new is very rare.

Right now I am running an L3++ and I’m clearing about $5 per day merge mining.

Thanks s lot, can you share with me the details of your asic? And price?

Click the link above. I’m currently selling mine for $1100 (PSU included)