Dogecoin January 2023 Giveaway

Tails put some free Dogecoins up for grabs!
Learn about the giveaway here and how to enter (timestamped link)

Question, how many Dogecoins should we give away, and to how many people?

Winner(s) will be chosen end of January.


You are a generous man so run the numbers and ez math


Here’s my comment screenshot. Is there anything else that I need to do to enter? Is this the right place to post it?

If so, here’s my DOGE address:


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I reposted on the other thread, but based on Vosk’s comment, I think that this is the correct place to post entries.

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I am not mining. Hope to start soon.

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Merry Christmas :santa: :christmas_tree: to you and you’re family Vosk hope you had an amazing one and a happy new year keep mining away :pick: we all love the Doge :heart_eyes::+1:


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Merry Christmas all.
Screenshotted my comments on here. Appreciate your videos. I’m subscribed, watch, and typically Like the videos every single day.
Please keep doing what you do!

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Thank you Vosk for the generosity and passing on your experiences.

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I hope crypto makes me rich I’m tired being broke girls disrespecting me for not having money people making fun of me because I believe in crypto in the future I will look back and think of all the ones who treated me that way I’m going to say to all of them once I’m fucking rich I’m going to say what color is your Bugattis

Love the channel. Here’s my YouTube comment to the video.

doge address (i actually dont have a wallet specifically for doge so its straight to coinbase :stuck_out_tongue: ) DLch7uhgW2pc475HsCbS7RGvnMmNpbV9HA

also all of the doges to all of the people :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You should give as much as you want, for me am really looking for capital to start mining doge in Nigeria so i can help alot of youth.

I have continued to follow you for over a year now. Always have to check in for your updates. Keep doing the good work!

Diggy Diggy Doge!


420 Doge x 69 people
Also do you have a referral link for a ledger hardware wallet?

Free Dodge!! You’re the best!

Yes I mine Doge.

Not mining DOGE…yet. Holding for a few years though!


Thank you Vosk!!

Another great informative video on doge mining Vosk! Screenshot below.

Thanks to everyone who’s entered so far (still time to enter btw), I’ve doubled the winners from 1 to 2 as we added this giveaway to another video – simple and transparent :smiley: