Exploring Liquid Cooling My Bitcoin Mining Farm and Expanding Buildings

Crypto mining rigs need a lot of moving air to keep them cool - but what if I submerge them in liquid and overclock them?! Today I’ll share why I’m considering using immersion cooling on my solar Bitcoin mining farm, and just how close we are to finally mining some BTC! Sub! https://voskco.in/Sub

Watch the full journey building out my mining farm here (playlist) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4dnwHTjcf-9qfOEekcjPwqJqgkO455f-

With a proper electrical setup almost ready to go, my crypto mining farm is finally taking shape after months of unforeseen expenses and difficult circumstances. When it comes to building out a medium to large scale mining operation, efficiency becomes an increasingly important factor to keep in mind. By using immersion cooling, or liquid cooling, for my crypto mining rigs, my efficiency could see an incredible increase! That means I’d be mining more coins for less cost per hash - and thus mining profitably! What are some of the hurdles that I could face choosing this path? Am I still going to use traditional air cooling on other miners? What’s the situation with the electricity setup? Let’s take a look at all this and more today!

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02:57 The plans for the BTC mining shed!
03:38 Dealing with electricity costs
04:24 Progress on my DIY Bitcoin mining shed
05:26 Why I am going to build a liquid-cooled Bitcoin farm!
07:32 What’s the next step for the Bitcoin mining farm?
08:00 Why am I getting delays on the farm?

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Exploring Liquid Cooling My Bitcoin Mining Farm and Expanding Buildings

I am building a liquid immersion cooling system for my crypto mining. I started this project over a year ago. I started by ordering the miners I bought 6 L7’s which were expected to release in November. They didn’t come until February of this year. When I knew the approximate time the miners would arrive I ordered the immersion tank, that was in January. It just arrived in October and I am still waiting on the arrival of the hoses which should be here on Monday. I have uploaded a couple of pics from when I picked up the tank from shipping and at the house with a couple of miners in it.

Oops I see I got the dog Kai getting a bath instead. lol
Here is the second pic of the tank.

I am opting to run this equipment in my attic so then the problem comes in of getting the tank up there. Once in the attic I make sure that the tank is over a T of load bearing walls. The tank itself weighs about 100 lbs. but the fluid weighs 900 lbs. so make sure to have the support. Pics of the tank and the hole it has to go through. My crude method to get it up, It’s placement and the Drums of coolant.

All got to say is make sure you are dead on that supporting wall if not since the ceiling looks like 2by4 your at it’s Maxs weight of 1000lb. A 2x4 wall can handle around 1000 pounds vertically. But you put the limit to the test meaning you are probably breaking the wall before reaching 1000 pounds.

Yes the ceiling is 2x4 which is why I made sure to center it on the 2 load bearing walls. I can’t believe it was built with 2x4 but it is what it is. A bit disappointing as I would love to have made an upstairs as there is 8ft of height. The house was built in 1887 and the lumber is true 2x4 lumber with no (or very few) knots so at least there is that.

Kinda figured you had it right but had to say something a lot just jump in. And yea since there that old it’s a true 2by4 so can hold way more weight. And up to the 1950 most houses are 2by4 or when ever they change the housing code

No worries. I plan to take it slow and cautious anyway. My wife would kill me if I broke the house.

Y did u choose to go up with it just asking

My house is small. No basement. No garage but have an attic.

Vosk my man just watched your video and saw you could get off peak rates at 1.8 cents/kw and to me that is insane. I know all areas across the world are different but my solar only generates between 4% - 20% capacity for 4-5 months of the year. So where I live If I had access to 1.8c/kw I would try to install 45kw LIFEPO4 batteries per 3kw miner and charge the batteries from grid real cheap on off peak and then use the storage at the expensive times. Here in Australia I can get 90kw LIFEPO4 batteries for $25k USD with 6,000 deep cycles. if you had 6kw at 10 cent electric rate and ran them for 6,000 days it would cost you $86k. If you had 90kw battery and ran 6kw at 1.8 cents for 6000 days it would cost you $25k + $15k for that lifetime. Not sure what price you are getting your solar at but mine works out to cost 1.2c/kw usd to generate 1kw over it’s lifetime. So knowing that I eventually have to buy some electricity from the grid in the winter at real high prices I would pick the batteries alone over solar if I had to choose with that 1.8c off peak in mind. Once again everywhere is different but in my location that’s what I would do, and it might be worth trying to figure out the math on it. Cheers

Edit: forgot to mention best solar FIT is 8c/kw and then they try to make you rebuy at 41c peak lol. I think I’ve heard in the US (correct me if I’m wrong) that if you have a 10c FIT then the standard buy price is 10c. That might make a bit more sense as to why it would benefit me much more in my area

My ideas were, I have this shed in the back yard, and for each output fan on all miners I put dryer vents hose on it, then connected the hose to a dryer external vent and drilled a hole in the wall, so that the hot air blows outside the shed directly. The house has Tesla leased solar panels, so Elon’s panels are letting me run my old miners in the day, then here in Texas we have Texas Free power nights, so basically, I run in the day using Solar and and night when I have free power. Even old miners can make some btc and be profitable? hahaha

Your attic looks like a setting from paranormal activity

Just send the film crew.