F2Pool vs Litecoinpool

A while ago I had promised a comparison of F2Pool and Litecoinpool. I have 4 Goldshell Mini-DOGE miners. I took 2 and put on each pool. Then I changed my settings on Litecoinpool to force a payout at 00:00 UTC like F2pool - changed Payout Threshold to 1 LTC then back to 0.01 LTC 10 minutes before 00:00. Then I let things run for a day to stabilize and then let all run for 4 more days straight.

Here’s the results - it’s about $0.32 cents diff a day but I’m sure that fluctuates based on many things. The price of DOGE, the reward PPS at Litecoinpool, etc.

TL;DR - if you just want to convert to $$ daily or don’t care about DOGE then stick with Litecoinpool. You can always convert some LTC to DOGE on a daily or weekly basis if you want the DOGE - that’s what I do. If you like DOGE and don’t want to mess with converting and/or you like F2Pool’s interface or have other coins being mined there then stick with F2Pool.


Nice job. Would be nice to see a similar comparison including Nicehash and prohasing.



Now THIS is the content I check this page for… thanks JJ


Yesterday I order one mor mini-doge for my small collection so I will do something similar for Nicehash

Thanks again!


Nice comparison. The difference I think for most mining individual is within “acceptable” limits. I meant we potentially lost more in rejection/latency issues.


That’s good stuff @JoeJoe

I feel better about having moved my Mini-DOGE and LT5 Pro from F2Pool to Litecoinpool last month. I hand’t done the calc though.

So it appears that the difference is more than just the 4% pool fee at F2Pool vs no fee (donations notwithstanding) at Litecoinpool.

I convert my LTC (and formerly DOGE) to BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX etc. So I wasn’t concerned about getting paid in LTC only vs LTC + DOGE. As you pointed out, others might be

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I think it will fluctuate a little day to day. But I still think in the end Litecoinpool will edge out a little more if you were to convert the DOGE to LTC from F2P every day.

Now, if you HODL’d DOGE and it goes back to $0.25 or higher (all time high of $0.73 :money_mouth_face:) then you would have mined more on F2P on those days - retroactively. If that makes sense.

In the end I really think we are arguing over peanuts on these pools. Pick the one that works for you, that you like their interface, or you have other coins mining there so consolidating (which is why I think Vosk is using F2Ppool).


Great read. Certainly why I check these posts! I am expecting my first mini-DOGE miner and excited to get it set up. Thanks for the info from all!


Again, pool server will have different results depending on where you are. Definately test drive all the pools for about a week.