Feedback on new setup please

Hey guys. My miners finally arrived. So i got the wiring done yesterday, plugged them in and went downstairs to get them hashing. After a few minutes i hear the fans screaming, run upstairs and open the door to a sauna.
So this is my first idea for a solution, im not going to fire them up tonight because this time around id like some feedback first. I ordered some 250cfm duct fans that i will be putting halfway up the flex duct. Do you think i need any help on the intake end? Do you think this is a horrible setup? Please offer up whatever, there really isnt much to go on.
Some things to keep in mind. This is a really small bedroom, maybe 9x10. I have neighbors close and a sidewalk right out back. I dont mind a completely new configuration but i hope to get them hashing tomorrow if possible.


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Well that didnt work. Neither did just running them on the rack, even with the door open. Ideas anyone?

i personally DONT have one of these miners, so double check with others on this site but i see alot of images of them being put into coolers like the link above shows. just threw in my two cents bc i didnt see any replies. im sure all your answers are on this site somewhere. (Im kinda new here)

Does the outlet for the exhaust have vanes to stop insects and such from getting in. If so they could be causing a restriction in the air flow by pressurizing the exhaust duct.