First GPU Rig - "It's alive!"

Finally got my first GPU rig up and running. About 1 month ago after watching the 1k GPU rig build guide from Vosk, I thought I could manage and try it myself.

That was a crazy path of trying to find GPUs for decent price, a lot of time for research and waiting…lots of reading and video watching. I think I even still have an order pending for GPUs with ShopBLT.

I also learned alot about motherboard compatibility with 3000 series AMD CPU. Wont be making that mistake again.

For tonight I put the rig on nicehash bc it was the most simple for me to “plug/play” essentially.

Mining with pair of 580s 8GB and ryzen 5 3600.

If yall have any suggestions for where I should be mining other than nicehash, I am open to more learning/reading.


Congrats :smiley:

Also started a little while ago and my wife wants my old GPU (GTX 1070) to make some extra money for her makeup :rofl:

I’m planning to make her a small rig like this with that GPU, @BrunkedUp what were the problems of compatibility that you encountered?

Thanks and Good mining.

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Thats awesome! I’m trying to build that interest in crypto world with my wife.

@IPDHCP The compatibility issues I had were in regards to the bios and not getting any output to monitor. I didnt have any other CPU to get bios updated on the first MB I bought to be able to get the 3600 running. So it was either find new CPU or new MB. I just went with new MB bc I needed more spacing anyways for the 580s. I also learned about AMD chips not supporting MB graphics, so I thought for a few minutes my second attempt was also failure…but just had to switch HDMI over to the 580.

What software do you use for your mining?

Hi @BrunkedUp,

Thanks for the knowledge sharing.

At this moment the first software I’m using is the T-Rex to mine ETH.

Just followed the how-to described on the 2Miners site, but that was before knowing VoskTalk and VoskCoin youtube channel.

After the first payment on 2Miners that is on 0.05 ETH, I’m going to test the software Coinfly mentioned on this VoskTalk article Building a GPU Mining Rig for $1,000 in 2020 - BUILD LIST!