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Now I’m going to attempting to build my first ever rig and after watching the Voskcoin video on best mining rig build 2019 I’m kind of thinking of going down the same rote now as my budget isn’t massive I was thinking of get one GPU then slowly adding one at a time so should I just get the 1600w power supply first or go for the 1200w then get the 1600w later on
And how much has the cpu and Mouther boards change is it worth getting the same ones in the video or is there updated ones now available

I’m going in to this new world as a hobby and hopefully progress from there now I understand there are used cheaper parts online but with anything electronic I love a warranty so everything would be from new

In regards to the gpu as I’m only getting one should I mount it on the bored or hang it for better airflow

Any help or advice would be really helpful guys and girls and thank you for your time


I see we are in a similar situation. If you check my thread there are a few answers that might help

@Sudis1985 My First Rig Build AMD RX 5700 XT NVIDIA MIX
Check out this thread dude… you will get answer for each and every thing.


@Sudis1985 That thread indicated by MRV is a good one but be warned it will take some time for you to sort through it all. You are also probably the sixth or seventh person in the past 2 months to start a thread asking for information on a new build, so take some time if you can to read through some of those threads as well.

As to your specific questions, well it all depends. You need to plan out what you want to start off with, but also have a reasonable understanding of your end target and your likely timeframe - whether that is guided by budget or how much spare time you have, it will be important to make initial decisions that support your goal rather than force you into something that you didn’t want.

Firstly, I would recommend that you only consider GPU mining and ignore CPU mining. This gives you the ability to buy a really low cost motherboard that is designed for GPU mining and get a low end CPU. You can then put more money into the things that make profit for you - the GPUs.

I would suggest you look at a H81 Pro BTC for up to 6 GPUs or a H110 Pro BTC+ which will get you up to 13 GPUs on one rig. If you want to put more into one rig then you would want to look at a B250 Mining Expert board but that might be better left for your next project. Be very careful in making sure you buy a compatible CPU. Most of these boards are only compatible with Intel LGA 1150 or 1151, 6th or 7th Generation CPUs so just look for a celeron or pentium that is compatible.

Power supply will depend both on how many GPUs you are going to want to end up with and what GPUs you decide to buy. Personally I wouldn’t bother with Nvidia at the moment and I certainly wouldn’t mix them unless someone is going to give you some decent Nvidia GPUs for free.

So with AMD the best ROI at the moment will come from mining Ethash on an RX570 or RX580 (8GB versions only) depending on what price you can get them for. You will get about 60% better hashrates from an RX5700 (don’t bother with the XT version the extra cost gets you very little extra hash rate) but again the price will need to be considered (i.e. don’t pay twice as much for only a 60% increase in return, just buy 2 570/580s).

Now we come to power supply. You will have to power the motherboard and the CPU. You may want power to a sata SSD the PCI-E slots on the motherboard and maybe some fans. You will then need to power your GPUs and the PCI-E risers that they plug in to.

RX570s and many RX580s use only one 8pin PCI-E power cable. Some RX580s (Nitros for example) and all RX5700s will require one 8pin and one 6pin PCI-E cable. You then also need to put power to your PCI-E risers and the best way to do that is with a 6pin PCI-E cable although many riser have multiple power connectors and therefore you can connect power to them via SATA or Molex connectors if you don’t have enough 8pin PCI-E cables on your PSU.

If you work you way slowly through what I’ve described there, you will be able to determine how many of each type of power cable you are going to need for your proposed rig, based on what motherboard you are getting, what type of GPUs and risers you are planning on using and anything else you might want to add. Once you have all that, then you can start to look for a PSU that has enough cables and connections to meet your current and future needs. You will of course want a fully modular PSU.

For example, I run a 6 x RX570 rig on a Asus H110 Pro BTC+ motherboard. I connect the 24pin ATX cable and the 8 pin CPU cable plus 2 molex connectors to the motherboard. I also connect one SATA cable to the SSD and 1 Molex connector to the fan array. I then connect 6 PCI-E power cables (each of which has 2 x 8 pin connectors) to each GPU and to each Riser power. All of this is done on a 1200w PSU.

Shop around and ask questions if you need more info.

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I would just like to say a big thank you to you guys for taken the time out of your day to get back to me and help me out means a lot

Stupid question. My 580s have an 8pin and a 6pin. do i have to use both or do i just go with the 6? I just thought it was a one or the other option. The cards seem to be running ok

UPDATE I just read that for stability, you should run both an 8 and 6 pin. You can get away with an 8 since it provides 225W but shouldn’t run just a 6 that gives 75. The guy i bought this from used these cards in a mining specific rig that was made for 6 pin cards i think. That would explain my instability.

Sudis, these guys know what they are doing. You would do well to listen to them. Good luck and make sure to post some pics along the journey.

Good info above, and just a thought; You may wish to Google or Wiki power supply cables and pinouts. Doing so will give you the wattage allowed for each cable type and the wiring information so you don’t confuse a pCie VGA cable (8 pins) with a CPU cable (8 pins).

Another thing; Power Supplies are expensive nowadays, and there are varying methods available to turn on more than one power supply using the switch on just one power supply. One method uses a peripheral cable from the first power supply whose 24 pin power cable is plugged into the motherboard. This peripheral cable plugs into a small board (sold on Amazon) and it contains a relay that closes the power switch connectors on the 2nd power supply’s 24 pin cable, turning on the 2nd power supply when the 1st power supply is turned on. It looks like this:

Amazon Link:

The relay can have the SATA power as pictured above, or a 4 pin Molex connector pictured here:

Optionally, a Y-type start splitter cable can be used without a relay. They look like this:

and here’s a link to it on Amazon:ón-Adapter/dp/B07543LNRH/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=dual+power+supply+24+pin+relay+board&qid=1595469358&sr=8-2

Now then, I mentioned looking at the cable wattage ratings for a reason. This also applies to power supplies. As mentioned in previous responses, the number of GPU cards you want to power will determine the size of your power supply. Choosing Platinum Rated, Gold, or Titanium efficiency is up to you if you want less wasted power, but it comes at a price. Once again the question is " Do you have enough cables and connectors in your power supply?" Should you use splitters? GPU cards with only one 8 pin power connector can definitely be safely connector to an 8 pin splitter like this:

Here’s the link:

You can also get a splitter that well rewire the CPU power supply cable into 2 pciE 8 pin plugs

Looks like this:

Here’s the link:

Having enough power supply jacks can be alleviated using splitters, and the mis-matched CPU cable has an adapter too. Just remember the wattage ratings for each type plug and don’t exceed them.

Using two Power Supplies: ONE 1600 W power supply (120 V) is the maximum wattage you can safely use on one circuit breaker. This would be dedicated to only this circuit and not shared with other receptacles. Exceeding this will get things burning.

You can however use two smaller power supplies (for more connectors, cards, or both). Just try to stay below 1600 W on any one breaker’s circuit.

Good luck with your rig

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Thank you guys once again for all your help and advice on my first rig now I haven’t got all of what I need but over the next month or so stuff should be coming and things should be looking more like a rig and not so much of a mess which should please the wife


Ha ha, I have one of those motherboard on the desk miners. I use it to test one card at a time to get statistics like temperature, hashrate, etc. for different coins/algorithms/pools before placing them in my rigs.

Looks like you are already mining so you’re doing good there. Get a frame, more GPU’s with or without risers, and you should be good to go.

Thanks dude well hopefully by then end of October my other 11 GPUs should arrive and my rack should be hear and built and hopefully by then it should look all nice and neat
It’s just a pain hear and there in the uk due to covid

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I wish our currency was worth more than toilet paper. I’d be pushing to get to 19 gpus

I see you’re running WinBlows … you may experience issues going over 8 Nvidia or 8 AMD GPU’s.
I have seen where people got by using 8 Nvidia and 8 AMD cards, not exceeding 8 of any one brand.
I’m sure you’ll revisit this issue when your 11 GPU’s arrive. Not an issue with SMOS and other linux distros.