For all that it may concern

Recently certain members of this community have attempted to disparage me. Accordingly, I would like to share the following message with the intent of informing this community as I am proud to be here. I have developed many great friendships and learned and shared a great deal with so many of you. Thank you to the many community members that have purchased for me over the years and spoken out in my defense. I started selling to this community to share my supplier relationships after seeing so many people get overcharged, scammed or mistreated while purchasing ASICs, GPUs etc.

  1. Considering the above, it is extremely disappointing to hear people suggest that I am a “scammer”. I know there are other competitors here who are trying to sell to this community and each competitor has their own supplier relationships, approach to client service and price list. My way of doing things was always to give the most competitive prices and sometimes individuals choose to purchase from me and sometimes they go elsewhere. I always tell prospective clients it is absolutely fine with me for them to go elsewhere. I have always chosen to not interfere with other competitors doing business here (and frankly have better things to do), but we don’t need to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of clients just to get them to buy an ASIC from me. That applies no matter what the invoice value is – selling one more unit just doesn’t matter for me, I’m not doing this to chase volume. I enjoy helping this community and have done so fairly selflessly for a long time. Check the reviews. That said, unfortunately we are now at the point of individuals disparaging and defaming my character on a fairly frequent basis. This is not how I want to run my business.

  2. I have many suppliers but my primary supplier is in China. Right now many of my orders are seeing significant delays because of (1) the pandemic and (2) the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year (ie Lunar New Year). For those of you who have not dealt directly with Chinese factories before every factory in China shuts down during this time. The period before the Chinese New Year is their crunch time. This typically starts in November and lasts until the start of the holiday typically late-January. We are now approaching the peak of the “crunch time” immediately before the Lunar New Year for all factories in China and this happens every year. Often the big clients of the factories get their orders prioritized and some orders get pushed to after the Lunar New Year. Chinese suppliers make decisions on what orders to ship or prioritize based on their own formulas but it comes down to their order backlog, what their capacity is and the customer’s relationship with them supplier. I have an outstanding relationship with my suppliers and that is how I get great prices but I DO NOT OWN OR CONTROL THEM. They have other clients and other considerations and make decisions based on a multitude of factors. There have also been a few days / weeks recently where certain factories and suppliers have had to close due to pandemic and staffing concerns. Please understand that while I can influence some of the timing I cannot control the universe nor command or insist an order to prioritized no matter how much criticism I am subjected to here or anywhere.

  3. Recall the age old golden rule, you can either have it fast, cheap or good, but you can’t have it all. Clients purchase from me because of my outstanding prices, quality and condition of the devices and many would say my solid reputation. I do not force folks to buy from me or even encourage them. I post my prices and people contact me. I provided this service to this community as a form of giving back, I even given discounts and give aways as a sweetener. Over the past 1-2 years I have successfully delivered more than 100+ orders with gross invoices in the 7 figure range. I have done right by this community but unfortunately for a newcomer they might draw alternative conclusions from some of the recent comments made about me. These disparaging comments are false and inappropriate. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. It seems that certain community members may desire to intentionally damage my character and reputation as a seller here, which I find unethical and contrary to the nature of this forum. Some of them are sellers themselves who could be construed as “trying to run me out of town” based on a totally false narrative.

If you are waiting on an order you placed with me and would like an update please read the message below about how shipping works in China. Hopefully you will feel better knowing more about the process and then we can have a conversation. As I said above, the majority of factories are at max capacity now so please be patient and understand that there are other orders from other clients and other countries that might precede yours. Also please bear in mind that I am not the only seller experiencing delays right now, you don’t have to look very far from this forum to know that Bobcat, Goldshell, Bitmain etc… etc… are all facing supply shortages and production issues and quoting multi-month delays right now for a plethora of reasons. I understand people are eager but to automatically assume the worst based on a timescale that you set and more importantly a timescale that is totally divorced from the reality of the conditions on the ground in China is at best unwise and inappropriate. While I am used to seeing crazy things in cryptoland this is just foolish.
I hope this message is informative to you and demonstrates my commitment to this community.
Thank you.


** Shipping information **

We instruct our supplier to ship all in-stock units upon receiving full payment for the order. Once dispatched, it then takes between 5-10 working days for the unit to arrive via a courier company such as DHL. This assumes the units are in stock, there are no product sourcing, staffing or production issues. However, right now orders are often affected by product availability for items in the specific order, the recipient’s shipping address and the availability of workers in the factory. Depending on the requested condition of the items in the order new vs used, my supplier must source the items from the manufacturer or mining farms for used equipment. Sometimes there are production delays with manufacturers and other times the mining farms may take longer to remove items from their mining operation.

Once your order has shipped, we send you tracking information from the courier. To validate the tracking information, the courier typically requires one business day from the time you receive this notification. Any shipping or delivery dates provided will be estimates only, we are not responsible for any delay from the courier companies, and manufacturers.

When you receive your shipment, please inspect all packages for items such as power supplies, manuals, and cables, or any applicable accessories for the product(s) ordered. Please be sure to save the box, the outer shipping carton (when applicable) and all packing material, in the unlikely event that you’ll need it for a return shipment. Any damage during shipment must be handled by the customer with the carrier directly. The carrier may request to inspect the item upon receipt of a claim.

It is the customers’ responsibility to know the local duties and tax laws and handle any customs issues that may arise. We are not liable for any cost of damage or expense as a result of errors in calculating taxes and duties pertaining to your order.

Please note that upon delivery of the products to the carrier, it shall be deemed completion of our delivery, and the title and the risks of damage and loss of the products shall be transferred to you. This includes possible shipping fees and Chinese import tax. We do not accept any refund requests nor in case of failure of customs clearance.


Why is this clown continually posting false information to the public? Significant delays? It’s funny because all other Legitimate vendors here in USA and and very well known Legitimate vendors in China and Hong Kong are able to deliver their goods to their customers without the significant delays. Are you saying that you are much bigger than Asicmarketplace and AKMINER? Clearly, you’ve only been doing this for the past several months as it shows on your coinbase account.

  1. You’re prices aren’t even that cheap. People could’ve made that money back had they spent it with a different legitimate vendor.
  2. 99 Percent of your sales were all L3+. Also not in 7 figures lol…
  3. You do not have a solid reputation in this community because you treat them like shit if they ask you a question regarding their orders.
  4. You are an ex-felon as reported by one of the police officer in this forum.
  5. You deliver cheap products to individuals to and brag about how you’ve delivered hundreds of miners to different individuals. You biggest delivered SALE was probably to that Mike1992 guy who runs a small cellular repair business in Kentucky for one S19.

You’ve just incorporated back on 8/23/2022. It costs <$200 to file a company with the secretary of state, doesn’t cost you arms and legs. Nothing special. Stop acting like you’ve been in this space for years.

Why don’t you be transparent and show the community your transaction histories with your vendor and show them that the money isn’t just sitting in your coinbase account? Show them that the funds have been moving to your supposed vendor.

You must have a big chip on your shoulder as a small town southern country boy. All you do is private message bunch of individuals and brag about how big your portfolio is, and lie to them about how people drive hours to see you LOL. It’s pretty evident that you’re running a ponzi scheme, bringing in fresh to money to fulfill past orders.

I hope this community is smart enough to figure all this out…


@Master3004 I have been outspoken, but to be honest, yes, if you want to calm the waters, you could in fact show the community your transaction history with your Chinese vendor so we know all that money in your crypto wallet isnt ours. I think that would truly help, coming from one of the people who is nervous and waiting…I hope you take this to heart, and do not take it in the wrong way.


:popcorn: :tea: this is always fun guys.


We aren’t doing this for entertainment. He wants to calm the waters, so we are giving him a way to do so.


It’s only fun if you’ve been sitting on the sideline and don’t have your hard earned $$ held hostage by this clown. There are people that have saved up 2-3 years to get themselves a decent miner so that they can support themselves and their family.


i am honestly glad i didnt buy anything from anyone here


I am glad for you too. The feeling of potentially being ripped off out of $5600 is sickening. The better outcome is the feeling of having $5600 of your money NOT earning anything for you.


Let’s give him a chance. As a buyer he posted something to try and calm the waters and I am giving him a way to do so. Let’s just see how he responds.


i hear you man you. I am definitely on the buyers side.

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at this point there is no response. a 100 refund is due!! period…


I know that there are certain parts in China that are shutting down or staff is limited, I do talk to people from China and have been for may years, I have a few that I have became friends with that I have met through manufacturing rather it be for my previous apparel company and vape shop. So right now I don’t know who to believe as those kinds of things do happen over there. Even staff at mining Syndicate told me they have miners that have been delayed over a month, not sure who to believe at this month but time will tell with actions will be taken at close reach.

I will say that, transparent communications are worth gold right now. Possibly updates daily with communication from the supplier or suppliers would be very helpful and take some steam and worry off a lot of people. For those who ordered 2 months ago without ANY communication has every right to be worried! Obviously the crypto mining industry is the most scammed sector out there so it is human nature to be worried.

I feel it is only right to at least get good transparent communications from the seller and suppliers especially when it’s been a very long time.

If the item is not in stock then maybe BEFORE the product is sold a communication that says “this product is not in stock with the supplier so expect a slightly longer shipping time”.

I know I have $33,000 on the line with only hopes of getting the miner does keep me up at night sometimes especially when I don’t know what is going on WHEN China is NOT on vacation.

Right now I am waiting to see what after the Chinese new year holidays bring. Once they fully get back to staff I do expect some kind of update or shipping information.

Until then it’s human nature to stay vigilant and at edge when money is on the line… LOTS of money


I dont get how you guys are not demanding your funds returned on these late late invoiced items of November. There is no reason this transaction should go beyond 30 days. If 30 days hits it a refund and redo the invoice at a later time when maybe every one is at work.

I have no clue where all this money is. Has anyone that has been requesting invoice data via PM’s been putting together a number on these 26 transactions? Seems with 30K here, 96K here, 50K there… We are talking about $500,000 to $750,000.

I personally dont think Steven has moved that money from whatever wallet he uses to the supplier since the supplier obviously has not shipped any thing. Beyond 30 days, unless you guys actually agreed somehow that 60 days was going to be ok, I would be demanding my money back to my wallet.

There is a huge difference in the Bobcat issues. We all know and read it is a 6 month waiting issue on getting a Bobcat from the factory. AT least that is a factory direct transaction.


I personally do agree that over 6 months is a long time, after that it’s legal issues. I myself bought 16th of December so I am at the cusp of 4 weeks. If months goes by especially with no information from his supplier I will take appropriate steps to get the funds back so I can buy from a company who can have them shipped ASAP. Time is valuable to me and I don’t waste time unless I agree too it.

I will give his suppliers time to sort things out as I do believe it’s not Steve’s fault they are behind, it would be nice for some more updates from his supplier other than delayed 100 miners. They need to be more precise on which orders where delayed and how long. Do I believe Steve is a scammer, to be honest no I don’t BUT I do believe his supplier needs to improve.


I tried to text and ask off forums. Still no answer. Really don’t expect anything till after the beginning of Feb. I am at 2 months. So lookin at 3 minimum? With coin and hash changes over that time. making the purchases 21 month ROIs.


I have good confidence that shortly after China gets back to work we get some tracking numbers. Let’s cross our fingers. ROI is horrible right now makes me sick but let’s hope we have our machines plugged in before the next bull run!

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What did you order?

We did demand a refund and he said no


I’m into him for 3 KD boxes, Carl there is in for a significant bit more. Tommy is just in for 1 KD box.

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I found a video last night that really highlights the issues of the ‘supplier’

You have to really watch the whole thing to appreciate the journey this guy went on with getting DIY solar batteries. I am in that waiting issue of batteries from China now since December 1, but it was told to me at least that I can expect them by FEB 1. The way they have drag the dates out for me is to issue a boat tracking and that resulted in zero show of progress. Then when I pressure them for a shipping tracking process they moved to a Fedex number that likely is a fake tracking too, as it is just reading the package is created and will ship when FedEx gets it. I am trying to be patient to the FEB 2022 date. Sure not many days left.

The batteries are to power my solar / power generation via generators powered by electric motors and magnets. Its one of my passions to learn power generation via induction motors. That of course will run all my miners too.

Watch this guy journey with the Chinese supplier. What got me to thinking about Steven in this situation is that … what if he paid to a supplier that bails out on him? All we see is his bragging of a great relationship with a supplier but what if that supplier took the 6 figures $$$ and bailed on him? That puts him in the position of needing the Ponzi scheme to get more money to find a new supplier to place the order again for the people of November and before. Maybe this is not a supplier issue of shipping, but a supplier issue of bail out on him. That would be very bad for everyone.